Example sentences of "[be] just " in BNC.

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1 ‘ And the other boots would have been just inside the baize door as usual , ’ said Ethel thoughtfully .
2 ‘ I think a part of me probably died when I took your job , though it may have been just the settling-down thing .
3 Since Beaumont 's days , there have been just ten head gardeners down the generations .
4 Smugglers , escaped convicts , drenched fishermen , or they might have been just watching the storm , voyeuristically curious to see a boat break up in choppy water .
5 This could have been just the usual self-indulgent actor 's reminiscences .
6 Newspaper journalists came up with the information that the pachinko barons had been just as liberal with their cash as the Recruit corporation had been with political donations and cheap shares not long before .
7 It did n't take him long to master the basics of what British Steel was all about and he has been just as versatile in acquiring an understanding of a diverse range of other businesses , from computers and oil drilling to knitwear machines .
8 At first , like her many other activities , the home maintenance course at the Adult Education Centre had been just a desperate device to take her away from the boredom of George .
9 She may have been just twenty years old , and secretly terrified , but she would only have one wedding in her life , and she was determined to make it her own .
10 If only he could have been just a little less ruthless about it along the way .
11 With an authoritarian captain to instil some pep into them , a draw or two may have been salvaged and it would have been just another defeat rather than an abject cave-in , but Gower was not able to pick them up .
12 It was the third time in eight games that the margin of victory had been just two runs .
13 If the last two decades have been just a trifle one-sided , before that the competition was excellent , with first one side holding sway and then the other , which is as it should be .
14 She had always been surrounded by people — and was still haunted by memories and bad dreams — but essentially had been just as solitary .
15 It had been just as he was leaving on a Sunday evening .
16 He had been just too young for the Korean War , and one day he told me that it was one of the experiences he regretted having missed .
17 It was in the nature of a revelation but like all revelations , she thought , it has been just below the surface of my mind , lingering unrecognised , waiting , and now I see it and it is a familiar friend .
18 And it was funny how he had looked at them all , during that funeral , and thought about them afterwards , but they had all been just strangers , not people he was ever likely to meet , or even see again .
19 ‘ There must have been just a small problem of logistics .
20 Imogen had lived in Hampstead , and had been just such an attractive sixth-former when he had met her on a trip to the States .
21 A senior dealer warned that yesterday 's improvement in the pound might turn out to have been just ‘ a temporary bit of relief ’ .
22 It should have been just the incentive Ipswich needed to take control of the game but instead it was Newcastle who went in at half-time leading .
23 Perhaps the Prime Minister ( with his Standard Chartered schooling ) considered that a third Rothschild man at the Treasury would have been just too much .
24 It might even have been just another sound effect .
25 The sixth , published in 1752 and dedicated to the Earl of Northumberland , had an elaborate frontispiece ( hitherto it had been just a large formal garden with a plantation in the distance ) etched and engraved by Edward Rooker ( 1711–74 ) , after a drawing by Samuel Wade of an allegorical group showing Britannia receiving the fruits of the earth .
26 In past decades the roof void in most houses has been just that : a black , dusty hole in which to dump unused goods out of sight .
27 Paul could n't get over how his headmaster had been just to see him which made him feel very important which I thank you for .
28 Since I 've been back at work , life has been just great .
29 Two years previously it would have been just another biker film , and two years on it would have been dated in terms of attitudes .
30 After all that , she 'd been just ‘ Madam ’ for a while , which might have indicated that she was getting older or grander , except that she always looked just the same , never any older .
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