Example sentences of "[be] [det] " in BNC.

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1 These electronic techniques are one-to-many ( or sequentially one-to-many ) in nature .
2 That between DOCTOR and PATIENT and between DOCTOR and CLINICAL SESSION are one-to-many relationships .
3 Losing his temper , Howard roared , ‘ I am that man .
4 I wish you and your staff to know how sorry I am that Punch is to be no more .
5 Guild members are not content with the position in the cooperative world which may be summed up in the saying of the man ‘ My wife and I are one , and I am that one ’ .
6 If people ca n't accept me as I am that 's tough .
7 anything in my life and then I am that boy
8 I am that specialist . ’
9 I am that heroic surgeon !
10 ‘ Well , I am that , ’ said Ianthe , with the uncomfortable feeling that she was being a little coy .
11 ‘ No one knows that I am that — rich and of good family , I mean . ’
12 ‘ I am that .
13 J E Nicholson ( Points of View , 10 February ) can stop wondering who ‘ the man on the tricycle is and where he is going ’ , as I am that man .
14 If they do n't love me for what I am that 's just tough shit !
15 All the signs are that radio is an exciting prospect — the forthcoming deregulation of the industry with associated changes in costs , and an expected boom in advertising revenues , is finally making the City take notice .
16 But parents and pupils are suspicious of the new exam , and the early indications are that , in many places , AS-levels are being mis-used as trial-run A-levels .
17 ‘ It would be nice to know where the greenbacks are that will fulfil the Government 's promises , ’ he said .
18 Latest estimates are that sea levels could rise by about 20 cm by 2030 and by 65 cm by the end of the 21st century .
19 Like Bacon and Hobbes , whose forthright reactions are that what is really needed is simply the adoption of a correct method , Locke does not immediately follow this traditional course ; but he advances the more circumspect suggestion that we should first stand back and investigate our capacity for knowledge .
20 The counter-arguments , which would uphold the principle of correspondence , are that breach of that principle is unnecessary when the amplitude of the crime of manslaughter lies beneath murder , and also that the definition of grievous bodily harm includes a number of injuries which are most unlikely to put the victim 's life at risk .
21 ‘ You are that , so ! ’ he answered with feeling .
22 The chances are that , if Mr Major gives way to Mr Kinnock in a hung Parliament , Labour will attempt to govern as a minority administration .
23 ‘ The chances are that , even in that area , your house will be all right , ’ says Jill .
24 ‘ We are that , ’ Maggie agreed .
25 The only conditions are that nature should sometimes set up games of Prisoner 's Dilemma , that the shadow of the future should be long , and that the games should be nonzero sum games .
26 I do n't think they are that type of band anyway .
27 Three simple rules of thumb are that information should be : capable of being understood , timely and relevant .
28 But punishing the child , telling him how naughty he is and how disappointed you are that such a big boy is behaving so stupidly , will not solve the problem .
29 Estimates are that sea levels could rise by as much as 1.65m ( 4½feet ) by the middle of the next century .
30 Yet the signs are that industry largely turns a blind eye to what appears to a growing problem
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