Example sentences of "[be] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 The glands on its face are bestowing the cat 's personal scent , making its owner smell pleasanter and more familiar .
2 If you are pitching for an account , appearing on television or radio , making a significant speech , always have a company Gofer with you .
3 You react like one when you burn the toast , so why should n't you react like one when you are pitching for a new account ?
4 People are angry and are pitching hard because of the polarisation of the debate between the status quo or independence .
5 All 3 political groups are pitching for increased spending , Labour is likely to propose a budget around £320 million , the Liberal Democrats around £314 million and the Tory group up to £310 millions , all of them well above Government guidelines of £306 million .
6 I find myself turning to the first chapter of the Book of Genesis for an insight into what I am hinting at here .
7 ( Abstract nouns , participles , and relative pronouns are italicized in the above passage . )
8 Rhematic elements are italicized .
9 His orders are to kill as many people as he can , ’ I answered .
10 He has been stamping his feet impatiently in Gdansk waiting for the call to be Poland 's first non-communist president in more than 40 years .
11 This was a one-off film for Chaplin and he was well aware that to have sustained that role and that theme would have been to sacrifice much of his great following and to have become an artist with a more sectional support .
12 He points out that under John Akers , IBM has built its desktop computing business to $8,500m in worldwide sales in 1991 , giving it 19% market share ; remained the worldwide leader in information technology revenues , at $62,800m last year up nearly 30% from $48,500m in 1985 when Akers took over ; and avoided the worst crisis that could have befallen it — which would have been to sacrifice investments in research and development for the sake of a fast buck — it spent $6,600m last year .
13 We will seek reassurance that we are loved in all kinds of bizarre ways rather than acknowledge there were times when we were not loved , or we may never have been loved , or even that we may have been hated .
14 Growers , delighted that sales of real firs are outstripping those of their synthetic rivals , claim that families have turned nostalgic in a seasonal effort to beat the recession blues .
15 He says that pocket money increases in the north are outstripping those in the south , in a strange reversal of trends .
16 Oldham 's task at Gateshead may have been eased by the Tynesiders ' dismissal earlier this week of their American guard , Darryl Thomas .
17 Restrictions on footballers in Eastern Europe playing abroad have gradually been eased as Poles , Soviets and others have come to regard the export of players as a useful means of acquiring hard currency .
18 Inter-Service friction has been eased over the years by successive steps taken to concentrate greater power in the hands of the Central staffs as more tri-Service experienced officers have become available ; and to bring the Services closer together at every level of command , and in training and operations .
19 Apart from the language barrier , which has been eased by the general acceptance of English everywhere except in France , British and Continental military staffs have practically no shared operational experience or traditions .
20 The struggle for Cyprus had been eased by British acceptance of the Sovereign Base concept , though the Zurich Agreement between Greece and Turkey , which enabled Britain to grant Cyprus its independence , was not signed until February 1959 .
21 Financial insecurity , once the big driving force , has been eased by the salary , perks and pension of the commissionership , according to his friends .
22 WEST : New voices and opinions will be vying to be heard in Westminster now the Conservatives ' grip on the region has been eased slightly , especially by the defeat of the Tory chairman , Mr Patten , in Bath , writes Paul Stokes .
23 Even in 1930 , when the most draconian workhouse rules had been eased , another London survey of aged applicants for relief found that half had no family at all .
24 Pressure on the finances has been eased by Euro Disney 's deferring its base management fee for 1992 and 1993 , due to the Walt Disney Company in America .
25 Women suffer a dual burden of work inside and outside the home and the strains experienced by working mothers have not been eased by offers of help either from male partners or the wider community and the state .
26 Since 1982 , the burden of CGT has been eased by the welcome introduction of index-linking .
27 Their fears are unlikely to have been eased by the outright grant of office in Monmouth to Buckingham , which dispossessed the holder , John Mortimer .
28 Their heads had been eased into the yoke , and they were now locked into the system .
29 By then it was clear that the relaxation of tensions between East and West had gone far beyond the détente of the 1970s , when the Atlantic alliance and Warsaw Pact had remained strong and tensions had been eased only against a background of continuing ideological competition between the two sides .
30 Perry was a thick-set , bull-necked man who looked as if he 'd been eased into his suit with a shoe-horn .
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