Example sentences of "[conj] they " in BNC.

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1 Bottle 1:2:6 3 Dozn & 8 Bottles porter 16:0 Cold drams 2:0 Glasses broke 10 @ 6d. each 5:0 1779 " Renews the order on the Committee respecting the ffees of dressing fflax & they to report to the next meeting . "
2 It 's J 's birthday on April 2nd & they are having a party ( at last ! ) so I 'll catch up on the news then — they are v. seldom at Gayfield St these days , so I never see them .
3 Somebody was telling me the Rocky was on R5 the other week & said that when he was with Arsenal & they won the league at Liverpool in the last few minutes , Arsenal were 13 ( ? ) points clear at the new year but still had to come from behind to overtake Liverpool ! ! !
4 Like he handles his team so well his top striker pisses off home the day of a cup match & they get knocked out — that 's what I call top quality management ! ! !
5 Listening to the R5 commentary I did n't think that we played that well ( better than Norwich … but they were at home & they 're shit there usually ! ) .
6 But also they would probably have the men working harder than before & they may be more popular .
7 who prices the goods and when/where they are priced .
8 Description , interpretation and judgement are the subjects of separate chapters , where they are considered in more detail .
9 Some compensation may exist in sketches and preliminary drawings , where they exist , and which are easier to study on a page .
10 They turned nomadic and mingled with the nomads of the Sudan , where they were to consider building a further house and perhaps settling down .
11 But where they work , and age , and put off men
12 The later books are in large measure accurately described , and the experience of the assimilated Jew in Italy , where the Jews came to harm under Mussolini but where they were never the strangers they have been in several other countries , is summarised in a well-informed and pertinent fashion .
13 In the last terms of the diploma course students often find tutorials , where they are given opportunity to talk about work in progress , enormously valuable .
14 These originated in Northern Italy , where the pasta is traditionally flat and where they use a lot more egg and cream in their cooking .
15 In the event the persons who wanted to talk to Henry Tyler went to the Foreign Office to see him — where they found his rank to be rather higher than that of errand-boy .
16 They focus not on areas of need but on areas where they want to be seen to be giving , and that 's usually where the spotlight happens for the moment to be falling .
17 Either keep pigeons off brassicas with nets and various kinds of bird scarer , or intercrop brassicas where they are partly hidden by other plants .
18 But where it is possible , it is valuable to learn brinkmanship , because you also learn to reduce your feelings of stress under pressure and to make better use of thermals lower down where they are often smaller and more difficult to centre .
19 If you are using these , keep them where they ca n't be tampered with .
20 men who have accepted a system of values by which to live , can not without courting in-efficiency and chaos keep for long a fenced-off portion of their lives where they think and behave according to a contrary set of values .
21 Where they roughed out the areas they could cover , and possible sources of material .
22 They must lie low here , amongst their own folk , where they know the ground , where they can be fed .
23 They must lie low here , amongst their own folk , where they know the ground , where they can be fed .
24 Where they can lie low .
25 Within two years he had so firmly established himself that he was able to bring to Canada his wife and young son , Lyon , where they settled happily , first at Maberly , Ontario , then in Montreal , a home with more than a touch of aristocratic manners and style .
26 So it was that the Cohens ' life was very largely circumscribed by the Montreal riding , which had as its most prestigious centre Westmount , where they lived .
27 The family celebration , at his grandmother 's house where they frequently met , was enjoyable — to a point , but the loss of his father could only be exacerbated at such a time .
28 Leonard also had a little room in the basement in which a piano was kept , where they spent much time together .
29 Or should I put them back where they were ? ’
30 We should say that their thoughts are captured by salient information where they should be centrally directed , inhibited and co-ordinated .
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