Example sentences of "[conj] i " in BNC.

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1 But the next day , afore I 'd gotten fettled up — for indeed , miss , I 'd no heart to sweeping an' fettling , an' washing pots ; so I sat me down i' th' muck — who should come in but Maister Weston !
2 Aye that was started afore I mind much about it .
3 It was stopped a while afore I mind .
4 I did not know then what I was to find out later-that I myself was capable of a drastic re-ordering of the system .
5 ‘ Another thing-if I ca n't keep my works here , where am I gon na jack up ? ’
6 You 're a wonderful s you 're a wonderful speaker but wait til I 've finished .
7 oh hang on a minute , wait til I 've finished please
8 I pledge to recycle as much waste as possible at home and/or I pledge to help organise recycling at work or at school/college .
9 B-but I dare say you would n't like it .
10 CsA has the sequence c- ( ) , where Me indicates N -methylation and MeBmt is ( 4R ) -4-[ ( E ) -2-butenyl ] -4 , N- dimethylthreonine .
11 ‘ Mum 's in Gloucester , du n no where me dad is .
12 Ali & Me
13 & presented with a baby sister & & me with a second grand-daughter on 11 th Sept. … … 8lbs. 13ozs .
14 In a hundred years ' time , I said to him , wrote Harsnet ( and Goldberg , putting the pad aside , began to type again ) , in a hundred years ' time I said to him , ( he typed ) no one will remember either you or me .
15 You did n't have to tell Claire , Annabel or me about Nanny 's cold hands ; we had suffered from them most of our lives , but what that had to do with pastry was what Father described as a ‘ female mystery ’ .
16 ‘ All these things recently , I do n't know if it 's just bad luck or me being stupid or what . ’
17 He has confidence in the director , Mike Ockrent , experienced in theatre but a film debutant : ‘ You do n't do Follies or Me And My Girl by phoning it in . ’
18 ‘ I do n't want them to get bored with me or me with them .
19 He 's as healthy as you or me . ’
20 It was the same with the German prisoners-of-war , they were just like you or me .
21 ‘ If her car had broken down your Dad or me would have passed it on the road . ’
22 ‘ The CO or me ?
23 But it would not do you justice , or me justice , to say it was just that . ’
24 I left the stores man wondering if it was him or me who was mad .
25 What was Wroxham to me or me to Wroxham ?
26 I wanted to meet Peruvians and speak to them one to one ; and in Cuzco I encountered only the persistence of hawkers , the sullen attention of displaced campesinos , a world that turned itself or me into shadows .
27 As he reared and kicked all those miles above the earth , the decision narrowed down to him or me .
28 The vehicles must be varied in appearance , the destination told to the driver in code as he leaves the depot — by you or me .
29 When the time comes an' I ca n't lift a hundredweight of sugar or me old black pan , then it 'll be time for me to retire upstairs for good . ’
30 They were n't human beings like you or me .
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