Example sentences of "[conj] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 So , if some italian club comes in for Macca at say 4M ( a definate possibility ) , and/or someone come in for Speed at say 3.5M , well have no fucking team left .
2 So , if some italian club comes in for Macca at say 4M ( a definate possibility ) , and/or someone come in for Speed at say 3.5M , well have no fucking team left .
3 This gentleman bocht the donkey fae MacGreigor — it was afore my day though — an it wes two or three days in the field at the front door .
4 That was long afore my day but th they used to always come to curtain market , aha .
5 But the next day , afore I 'd gotten fettled up — for indeed , miss , I 'd no heart to sweeping an' fettling , an' washing pots ; so I sat me down i' th' muck — who should come in but Maister Weston !
6 Aye that was started afore I mind much about it .
7 It was stopped a while afore I mind .
8 I did not know then what I was to find out later-that I myself was capable of a drastic re-ordering of the system .
9 ‘ Another thing-if I ca n't keep my works here , where am I gon na jack up ? ’
10 You 're a wonderful s you 're a wonderful speaker but wait til I 've finished .
11 oh hang on a minute , wait til I 've finished please
12 I pledge to recycle as much waste as possible at home and/or I pledge to help organise recycling at work or at school/college .
13 B-but I dare say you would n't like it .
14 If you own or lease property where no-one is living you may have to pay a standard community charge in that area in addition to the personal charge in the area you live .
15 I would describe the Shoe-gazers as being a bungalow , but they 're in a … slightly empty tower block , where no-one 's particularly interested in living any more . ’
16 Sun 's other weak point may be the fact that WABI 's Praxsys creators come from BIOS house Phoenix Technologies Ltd , where they would have had access to MS-DOS , although Phoenix was one of the pioneers of the concept of the clean room , where no-one that has any inside knowledge of the code being emulated is allowed to come into contact with the developers of the emulation .
17 The night porter used a passkey for those rooms that were empty or where no-one answered .
18 If it was a ramshackle building where no-one wanted to live , fair enough , but that is not the case . ’
19 Alan stared at the noticeboard on the opposite wall , pretending to read something but seeing nothing but a blur of the leaflets , notes , scraps of ribbon and withered buttonholes which Lucy had pegged up there .
20 It is fairly easy to make the switch from he to something like s/he or him/her in English because the change affects these items only .
21 It 'll not affect the shops or the trams or nothin' , so do n't you worry my pet lamb … but would n't it be exciting ? ’
22 Dey hav fe get it right or dey get verbal reaction .
23 Be responsible to your community or dey will get ya
24 The British reader , who is likely to have been spared certain of the varieties of suffering which are spoken of in the writings of Kundera and Klima , where a joke , or no joke , or nothing whatever , can sequester you for years from the people you grew up with , is in a position , for all that , to know what Sabina means here .
25 When Ronald Gregory , the ex-chief constable of West Yorkshire , said little or nothing new about the ‘ Yorkshire Ripper case ’ in a series of newspaper articles , he was castigated in Police Review ( 1 July 1983 ) and they republished a 1979 photograph of him when ‘ his loyalty was unquestioned ’ .
26 Still no purchase and it was beginning to look like all or nothing .
27 ‘ . All quite true of course , but it has little or nothing to do with the passage in question , whoch focuses very markedly not on Aeneas but on his father Anchises :
28 The spectacle last week of 400 officers in riot gear running round the Broadwater Farm Estate and finding little or nothing in the way of drugs reminded me of Sir Robert Mark 's definition of a good police force as one which employed fewer criminals than it caught .
29 But even for those who had little or nothing to hide , their sensitivity to the research led , in a minority of cases , to a reluctance to engage in conversation , the resort to silence being something which Westley noted in his research in the United States ( 1970 , p. viii ) .
30 He thought little or nothing about law , or jurisdiction , or faculty .
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