Example sentences of "[conj] [art] " in BNC.

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1 Asserting , what was palpably untrue , that ‘ There are probably few people in India who do not sincerely regret that you should have made it impossible for any government to leave you at liberty ’ , he handed down a sentence of six years ' simple imprisonment , pointing out — the crowning touch-that the sentence was the same as that given to the nationalist hero Bal Gangadhar Tilak , twelve years before .
2 ‘ That was us when we all worked in the shop , afore the War . ’
3 ‘ You must have been in a hurry to come out without your coat ; you 'll feel the chill afore the night 's out . ’
4 ‘ What I say , constable , is ’ — and now it was Arthur speaking — ‘ there 's such a thing as 'arassment , that 's what they 've told me when I 've been up afore the old bloke .
5 We got to 'ave him done away with , afore the licence is due .
6 And then Jess said : ‘ Come in … come in , afore the weather does thee an injury ! ’ smiling at him .
7 ‘ Quickly , ’ said George , tugging at one of Zach 's well-darned sleeves , ‘ let's grab them chairs afore the big 'uns get them . ’
8 " Like as not we 'll be at war again afore the decade 's out . "
9 ‘ Do you think our Matthew 'll be home afore the babby comes ? ’
10 Afore the road ?
11 Afore the road , yes they just towed through the mud and
12 And they would lay just when and collect them eggs that night afore the gale .
13 So the High Priest brings it all together and says what 's your answer .
14 " You let a man walk in here and say he 's taking your seat-after paying your fare and all-and the company does n't do a thing about it ? "
15 Then we make a tour of the commune — we visited a secondary school ( altho the children were away , it being Sunday ) and were duly impressed by what had been achieved , esp .
16 De Valois , Ashton and MacMillan have studied paintings and drawings by English artists and/or the words of such great playwrights as Shakespeare and translated them into gestures for which the dancer 's whole body has to play a part .
17 They are likely to develop the Trent End and/or the Bridgford Road End , the only uncovered part of the ground .
18 Does the school and/or the LEA have a policy of using a local radio station to broadcast news of the closure ?
19 The motion can be regulated by varying the weight and/or the size of the drum .
20 The usual method for reconciling different shades of opinion within the authority ( or area ) is the book meeting , at which representatives of the bibliographical services department and/or the areas meet on a regular basis to discuss the selection of new books .
21 He/she in turn coordinates the work of other staff involved — the subject specialist librarians ( see next section ) and/or the departmental representatives appointed to coordinate their department 's requirements will the library staff .
22 Throughout history , both have involved either the manipulation and/or the destruction of the world 's forests .
23 For the shock and/or the bruising — the number one remedy .
24 Such an event might result in the new government being unwilling or unable to service external debt , including bank loans , i.e. nonpayment of interest and/or the principal sum loaned .
25 A good headteacher ( and chair of governors ) in this conception is a person ( usually a man ) who is not only committed to the above ideals but can also see ways of circumventing any constraints upon this style placed by ‘ outside interference ’ such as the advice of the LEA and/or the teacher unions/staff representatives .
26 In many cases the scope of a project has to be scaled down because of the restricted data available and/or the restricted resources of the research worker .
27 It helps to counteract this tendency if you have a clear list of criteria against which to view the person and/or the information the interview renders .
28 This study indicates that the natural gas deposits of the Federal Republic of Germany accumulated in relatively recent geological times , i.e. during the late Mesozoic and/or the Cainozoic , either as a result of an additional subsidence and consequently additional heating of the Upper Carboniferous , or of telemagmatic heating effects .
29 The natural gas deposits , derived from coalification gases of the Upper Carboniferous , accumulated in relatively recent geological times during the late Mesozoic and/or the Cainozoic , — either as a result of additional subsidence and , consequent additional heating of the Upper Carboniferous source rocks , or of telemagmatic heating effects .
30 The assistant may also be required to initial the cheque and/or the till roll .
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