Example sentences of "[conj] [vb base] " in BNC.

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1 So what is required is a constriction of awareness which will remove some of the bad feeling and/or make the predicament look less severe or less intractable .
2 Where a bankrupt has been discharged , whether automatically or as a result of an application to the court , the court must on the request of the bankrupt issue him with a certificate of discharge , and the bankrupt may also require the Secretary of State to gazette and/or advertise in any newspaper in which the bankruptcy was advertised a notice of the discharge ( r 6.220 ) .
3 In granting an exemption the Commission can attach appropriate conditions to the operation of the agreement such as , for example , a requirement that the parties notify the Commission as to the future operation of the agreement and/or review its operation prior to the expiry of the exemption , to limit the operation of the exemption for a specific period of time so as to enable the Commission to review its operation at some future date .
4 Check , recharge and/or change as required any ion exchange media that you may be using on a frequent and routine basis .
5 If your project standards allow , you may change the 2nd parameter to TRUE to enable users to use the auto DC assessment facility and/or change the 3rd parameter to TRUE to grant public access to DCs .
6 This rule may help to keep clear the distinction between those interventions which seek to challenge the structural conditions under which racist discourses are directly or indirectly reproduced , and those strategies which aim to interrupt their circulation in specific micro-contexts , and/or introduce alternative story lines .
7 ( You should consider which way the demand and/or supply curves of money shift. ) ( a ) Banks find that they have a higher liquidity ratio than they need .
8 When they are satisfied with what they have produced they are asked to bring the image to life — for a very short time , perhaps as little as ten seconds — and/or say one line of dialogue each .
9 Firstly , as one would expect , 28 offer professional services and/or provide support to their members in this regard ( 13 of those are in the field of law ) .
10 Secondary evidence is second-hand information , removed in time and/or place from the incident referred to .
11 According to Dr George F. Kroker , an allergist working in Wisconsin : ‘ Carbohydrate and/or yeast craving is such a characteristic finding in this disorder that one should seriously doubt the diagnosis of this illness if it is not present . ’
12 On Forgive 'N Forget 's most recent outing he had run fourth behind Combs Ditch at Haydock Park , and that horse was also in the Gold Cup field , third favourite after a highly successful season which had brought him three good prizes and a neck defeat by Wayward Lad in the King George VI Chase at Kempton Park .
13 Forgive 'N Forget started at 7–2 , with Combs Ditch 9–2 , Run And Skip 15–2 and Wayward lad 8–1 .
14 At the top of the hill she was still in the forefront of matters with Run And Skip , but behind them Wayward Lad and Forgive 'N Forget were travelling smoothly and coming ever closer .
15 At the second last she put in a tremendous leap and was back in the lead as Run And Skip started to fade , but Forgive 'N Forget on the stands side and Wayward Lad inside him were now going for home , and they passed Dawn Run on the approach to the last .
16 Here Forgive 'N Forget made a mistake and handed the initiative to Wayward Lad , but he was very tired and started to wander to the left towards the rails .
17 With great courage she fought her way past Forgive 'N Forget , but halfway up the run-in Wayward Lad was still two lengths up .
18 This sparked immediate criticism that the MMC regulations requiring Bass to free pubs from the tie or sell them had been by-passed .
19 She said I could keep any of the stuff she left behind , or sell it if I wanted , but I du n no about that .
20 Some people who show or sell halter horses use this to their advantage .
21 ‘ For most of the past three years , ’ he writes , ‘ banks ' customers have been unable to service their debts out of income growth , with the result that many have been and will be forced to shrink their non-interest expenditures or sell assets in order to pay bank interest .
22 There is no telling how many borrowers and banks are in the same bind , but it is familiar to householders , who have found that they can neither keep up with their mortgages or sell their houses on terms which would not bankrupt them .
23 The family was willing in principle to loan or sell some of the most important contents of the staterooms to a hotel , but only on condition that they were given proper conservation safeguards .
24 Once a bank purchases such bills it can hold the bills to maturity or sell them in a secondary market to any other bank(s) .
25 Frederick insisted that Polish nobles must either live on their estates in Prussia or sell up their holdings , and to this end he allocated state funds to purchase any Polish lands that came available .
26 ‘ It 's all right , dear , I 'm going to wash everything , and either keep it or sell it .
27 She had bought Martyr 's Cottage before his appointment as Director of the power station and he had moved in by an unspoken agreement that this was a temporary expedient while he decided what to do , keep on the Barbican flat as his main home or sell the flat and buy a house in Norwich and a smaller pied à terre in London .
28 Or sell for £200 .
29 EMG 81 humbucker , swap for EMG 60 or Strat pickup or sell for £40 .
30 BOSS Digitech shift delay for Boss GE7 equaliser or sell for £60 .
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