Example sentences of "[adv] [that] " in BNC.

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1 The formal school , its very formality often proclaimed through uniforms , school prefects and termly reports which show marks and grades , continues to co-exist alongside others which although having almost identical idea on content ( eg that young children should be led to an understanding of life in caves and Victorian towns and how to calculate the area in square metres of a field or a carpet ) adopt a radically different approach to achieve a seemingly identical end .
2 The thesis that the shock was initially due to a lack of demand has perhaps had less acceptance than a supply- side line of explanation , eg that high unemployment has been due to excessive wage levels .
3 The power is wide enough on the one hand to allow the statement of an eye-witness to an accident to express an opinion ( eg that one of the drivers was going too fast ) and on the other hand to allow a party to put in a medical report from a doctor who has died or who can not be called for any other reason .
4 There may also have been certain conditions of the advance ( eg that a woodworm infestation shall be treated before completion , that certain repairs shall have been carried out or a deduction made from the mortgage loan until they have been ) .
5 He sent a little prayer ceilingwards that at least there would be no dinner jackets , then ran a comb through his hair as an afterthought .
6 They have pursued this dream so fiercely that they can not afford to admit any self-doubt .
7 ‘ Certainly it 's what I want , ’ said Robyn , so fiercely that her mother let the subject drop .
8 But no warning could check Arthur Conway 's fury , and with a lightning leap he managed to grip the young man 's throat , and so fiercely that he forced him backwards , only the next moment to have his arms snapped downwards , when he would have fallen on his back if he had n't come up against the coalhouse wall and , unfortunately , a shovel that was propped there .
9 The child glared at me so fiercely that I tried to ingratiate myself by asking who was her favourite composer .
10 In a corner of the Salon Imperial of the Hotel Intercontinental , Paris , Harriet Varna braced her back against a statuesque pillar and looked steadily into the viewfinder of her camera , concentrating on her subjects so fiercely that she was almost oblivious to the electric atmosphere that surrounded her , bouncing off the Viennese décor and the sumptuous rococo ceiling along with the heat and the light as the models of the House of Saint Laurent moved gracefully along the hundred yards of catwalk to display the new season 's couture collection .
11 The group had had numerous discussions about whether or not they should have a rotating chairperson , some people arguing fiercely that we should n't imitate male structures , that we were developing genuinely new ways of relating , conducting political discussions ; we must all learn to be more sensitive , not interrupt each other , not talk for too long .
12 Critics of the organization say it gave away money indiscriminately , whilst its supporters maintain fiercely that all projects were minutely criticized for viability .
13 Proponents ( and opponents ) argue fiercely that it will ( or will not ) , but we shall not know until the system is in operation in several years ' time .
14 By the third day they were quarrelling openly and at times so fiercely that the knights standing around went for their swords .
15 His eyes watered so fiercely that tears ran down his cheeks , but he fought down the choking sensation and his self-esteem soared .
16 When he moved abruptly to cover her , to force a place for himself on top of her , levering her legs wider to open her body to him , his coarse , muscled weight was a blissful assuagement of hunger , a hunger burning through her so fiercely that she felt almost faint …
17 She reached for her pen and dipped it into the well so fiercely that when she lifted it a blot fell across the page .
18 Anger was rippling through him so fiercely that his whole body seemed to be shivering uncontrollably .
19 He stood at the bottom of the steps and looked up at her so fiercely that she stopped halfway down and felt quite uneasy , wondering exactly what she had done wrong .
20 She stood watching him , wishing fiercely that she could go too .
21 ‘ I do n't know any poems offhand that have gentians in them .
22 It was n't until 8 pm. that they let the Red Cross through .
23 David Rigg , commercial development director , reminisced nostalgically that there has not been such a boom in his business since the rush to decolonise Africa some 30 years ago .
24 Beneath and down-wind of the ash cloud there is a steady rain of fine ash particles , sometimes falling so thickly that a dark curtain appears to be hanging beneath the cloud , while in and around it electrical storms rage , with lightning flickering frequently , so that the whole effect is much more dramatic than even the most ominous of thunderclouds .
25 The snow was driving down so thickly that the windscreen-wiper could n't keep the glass free of it .
26 There is one potential hazard associated with dense ivy growth on a living tree — it may grow so rapidly and thickly that any fungal growth may be hidden .
27 His wavy black hair curled behind his ears so thickly that she was reminded of an Ingres portrait of a nobleman she had seen in one of Miss Hatherby 's books .
28 In some rocks their shells lie so thickly that they form solid bands .
29 The roof , which is stripped of tiles , provides the water-supply ; the chimney smokes so thickly that the opposite wall is barely visible ; the few remaining window-panes are stained and the majority are stuffed with rags and paper .
30 One minute you say trustfully that he contains only soya meal and the next you suspect him of harbouring chunks of minced-up nameless anatomy .
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