Example sentences of "[adv] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 As Byrne ( 1986 , p. 127 ) asks , ‘ does the lack of women councillors explain the apparent inadequacy of nursery provision , while there is an arguably ample supply of municipal golfing facilities ? ’
2 Clearly " form " even in its most denuded days had a necessary content for design .
3 It 's loud , certainly , but by the time the third track , ‘ Earth Mofo ’ , kicks into gear the pattern of stodgy , leaden and downright lazy arrangements has already been well-established .
4 Logic suggests that blame for such a situation must usually be equally divided , and that there are just as many bad , uncaring or downright lazy mothers as there bad , selfish and irresponsible fathers .
5 successfully complete and gain a mark of at least 40% in the centre set , HCIMA approved , examination relating to the area of study .
6 It would , he thought with a smile , be most unfitting to explode on landing under the circumstances .
7 Think and think again of the number of different rooms , the multitude of different beds , the mirrors , the endless dark stairways , the duplicated obscenities , the handfuls of folded pound notes , the sordid exchanges in doorways or park benches , the varied postures of so many unclean and degraded females spreadeagling themselves for lucre , the bodily smells , the cheap perfumes , the wasted seed , the anxieties about disease , the fears of recognition and the intolerable pressure of guilt that would inevitably descend like a black mantle over even the most vulgar and sensual head .
8 And finally she said , ‘ That 's the most vulgar thing I 've ever seen in my life . ’
9 YEAH ! ’ is , of course , the only thing you really have to say about this record , the first DEAD LOUD pop song whose chorus was the most vulgar thing a British group had ever sung , whose chords were monsters , whose drums suggested the possibility of imminent noisy sex .
10 But even the most mercenary of foreign firms grows a little queasier about trading with a regime which shoots dead its citizens , and then tries to score popularity points by offering convict labour to foreign factories ; and even the most unreconstructed optimist can see that the resurgence of hard-line Marxists in the Peking power structure is likely to militate against further free-market reforms .
11 Not even the most unreconstructed Keynesian would ever claim that the General Theory was an easy read .
12 NICRA was the largest and most representative civil rights organisation but it was only one part of the civil rights movement and the original , pre-October NICRA was swamped by hundreds of new activists and thousands of supporters .
13 Among that most representative breed of ministers , Moderators , it is even closer to the mark , and without consulting the records I can think of the Very Reverends MacLeod , Fraser , Craig ( Archie ) , Craig ( Robert ) and Reid , as examples .
14 The tawny owl produces the most representative prey assemblage from its habitat , including rare species , but the barn owl preserves the original community equitability more closely by concentrating on the more common species at the expense of missing the rare species .
15 Writers are among the most sensitive , the most intellectually anarchic , most representative , most probing of artists .
16 It is also worth pointing out that the ELR can field one of the most representative ranges of ex-Western motive power , as the steam fleet can be supplemented by ex-BR ( WR ) diesel-hydraulics ,
17 It has also been pointed out by Kendall ( 1975 ) that the original 1936 legislation on union rights within the enterprise gave the ‘ most representative ’ unions in the plant the right to bargain , which was not necessarily the majority union .
18 Not every author who has something to say on the subject of post-war sexual morality is included in the following discussion of each of the five categories , but rather those who are considered to be most representative of each genre are discussed .
19 Whilst by no means an ideal data base , WIRS does provide the most extensive and most representative survey information currently available on employers ' use of temporary labour in Britain .
20 however , the strategy should switch from defence to attack such that these sites ( and others that may not qualify as the finest , rarest or most representative examples ) are protected as sources of biological quality ( Ffynnon Bywyd ? ) from which an impoverished countryside can be recolonised through schemes like ‘ Tir Cymen ’ and ESAs ;
21 A new survey for 1993 , ‘ Pay and Benefits in the Hospitality Industry ’ , will give the most representative review ever of the payment structure and wage costs in the UK hotel and catering industry .
22 Moreover , as was suggested by Thayer ( 1986 , 1989 ) , the simplest and most representative single overall measures of arousal may be verbal ratings .
23 This point was particularly underlined by the Chairman , QC , when he stressed the importance of the role and profile of this Committee , as the most representative of Committees within the Bar Council .
24 ‘ Oh fairest of creation , last and best of all God 's works , creature in whom excelled whatever can to sight or thought be formed , wholly divine , good , amiable or sweet , how art thou lost ?
25 Perhaps the most resonant phrases in the whole debate came from the pro-rights organiser who suggested that future centuries would come to regard our attitude to animals with the same horrified disbelief we now feel for the periods which practised slavery .
26 John Wain 's The Contenders ( 1958 ) ends with the most resonant and decorous of all English four-letter words , ‘ home ’ , and the emphasis on a familiar term is the concluding point of the novel : ‘ In English I said ‘ Home ’ . ’
27 His has been the strongest and most resonant of the voices which have called for a change of priorities .
28 The theme of twin brothers is among the most resonant , and among the earliest , of all cultural/religious motifs .
29 And yet sometimes I wonder if the wittiest , most resonant irony is n't just a well-brushed , well-educated coincidence .
30 He had left behind as well the massive structures of farms and sheepfolds , with their strange irregular shapes , their gigantic mossy roofs , and little low walls .
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