Example sentences of "[adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Yeah it wo n't I mean , that wo n't stay on for an hour I mean I 've literally had a hot bath put the water on , you know , af it goes off at nine o'clock in the morning put that radiator , put that button on to reset the hot water for five minutes it 's bo boilers lit up ten minutes and then it 's gone off
2 In other words , I shall dispute that ontological existents can be coherently treated in an uncritical metaphysical fashion as " things ( existing unconditionally ) in themselves " .
3 Without revealing that both ships had been secretly assisting South Vietnamese commando raids on the North , Johnson called upon Congress to pass a resolution granting him sweeping powers to act against North Vietnam .
4 On Sept. 25 the US Federal Reserve imposed a fine of $20,000,000 on Kemal Shoaib , former chair of the Independence Bank of the USA , for secretly assisting BCCI to acquire the Independence Bank .
5 Had the judge considered the matter directly and decided that there was no unfairness in admitting the statement , he would have been wholly justified .
6 In the event the union leaders were wholly justified , as the result of the ballot showed , in their claim that there were no reasons for doubting that the industrial action was in accordance with the wishes of the workers .
7 It would be natural to assume that this attempt to create a rift between Offa and the papacy occurred before the visit of the legates in 786 and that the visit was part of a process of reconciliation , but this is not wholly justified for Hadrian 's letter could date to the late rather than the mid-780s , and reflect hostility to one or more of a number of Offa 's actions .
8 However , this concern may not be wholly justified as he has been an active member of the CNAA and is known to be a keen supporter of public sector provision and an advocate of breaking down the barriers between the two sectors of higher education .
9 Plantar cutaneous reflexes were abnormal , pupils were equal and reacted slowly to light .
10 That is not , in any way , to take away from the fine documentation of every tournament played in 1991 , many of which were penned by British tennis journalists , who continue to be the most travelled in the world .
11 They had just overwhelmingly repulsed an unprovoked attack by a European power , and their past history gave them little cause to regard Europeans with favour .
12 It will be sold at YBG , thus eventually recovering all the production costs .
13 Fascinated with his new discovery he went on experimenting and then found he was also arching and narrowing his back .
14 Yet this expense seemed little justified .
15 THE ULTIMATE teen movie , a sharp-edged black comedy which mercilessly swipes at adolescent angst , peer pressure , consumerism , and that old favourite , the generation gap .
16 Suppose now that the outcome each side would most prefer ( labelled 4 in preference order in the figure ) is to gain an ‘ arms advantage ’ .
17 Consider , then , two genuinely peace-loving ‘ players ’ , each of whom would most prefer mutual disarmament .
18 Barak instinctively stuffed them back into his pocket then rubbed his hands together nervously .
19 Controls on illegal trade in animals and plants will effectively disappear with the introduction of the European single market at the start of 1993 .
20 The wheel came full circle last year when he suddenly became ill with a bewildering illness eventually diagnosed as amyloid of the kidneys .
21 The mere existence of national , sexual and racial oppression does not refute historical materialism , but rather constitutes its explanandum .
22 Tom 's work mostly involves checking for sharp teeth and rasping them smooth .
23 They took the brain from her head with long hooks , delicately drawing the tissue out through her nostrils , and discarding it in a small brazier of red-hot charcoal .
24 The fact that the " adornment " theory was entertained for so long deserves some explanation and its appropriateness can not be altogether dismissed in the case of " artificial " styles cultivated by such Renaissance mannerists as Sidney and Lyly .
25 Social class becomes significant when we realise that patterns of recruitment are not distributed randomly from all social strata : managerial and education , motivation , and personality variables , but this is not so significant that social background can be altogether dismissed as a relevant factor in work behaviour .
26 It is , of course , at least as much development as exposition , and the Hagen very properly repeat it , then intelligently pressing the music forward in a constant increase in intensity ( with the major-key suggestions throwing that into strong relief ) right the way through the movement .
27 When it does , it tends to be a reaction to perceived injustice , such as internment without trial , or the conviction of a son by a sole judge in a trial held in total secrecy and on the evidence of unseen witnesses , or a simple case of one 's house being badly mauled by careless soldiers searching for arms .
28 It has raised its own private army , which is already engaged in a two-front minor war with Sri Lankan government forces and with Tamil Tiger guerrillas , who , though badly mauled , have survived a bloody , two-year battle against vastly superior Indian forces , killing more than 1,150 of them .
29 The hardest hit Americans included Ed Ruscha , Donald Sultan and Frank Stella though Anthony Grant at Sotheby 's stresses that demand has already bounced back for top works by Julian Schnabel and others badly mauled in 1991 .
30 In December 1917 Malcolm was given command ( as major-general ) of the 66th division , which was badly mauled in the great German offensive launched by Erich Ludendorff in March 1918 .
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