Example sentences of "[pron] just " in BNC.

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1 Chris Vaughan , a management consultant from Farnham , Surrey , bought his just before last Christmas and has already clocked up thousands of miles .
2 Do you remember the Mall — that large expanse at the top of the Ridge , where Kipling must have walked and written his Just So stories ?
3 " You 're lovely , " she said , and brought her face to his , kissing him ; putting her lips to his just like that , soft and warm and wet , better than any kiss , better than his first real kiss , making him dizzy with the feel of it .
4 It seemed to me that various things he did could have gone into other directions , but some kind of self-protective mechanism of his just pulled him back and he did what he knew . ’
5 Because it 's sort of dark , his just to .
6 There was a terrible row between em just before she went out to the boat an got blown up , God rest 'er soul .
7 We might begin by asking ourselves just what is a sexual problem : we may find the term a difficult one to define , and even more so if we attempt to assess the magnitude of the problem in any given situation or individual .
8 Positioning ourselves just inside the sheltering arm , outside which we could see an alarming amount of white water , we awaited his signal .
9 ‘ You 've got Connah 's Quay , Flint , Holywell and Mold all within about 12 miles of each other , as well as ourselves just up the road , ’ says Jones .
10 I think we could organise ourselves just a little bit better , erm
11 After reading my just completed programme notes for this Saturday , I have decided that spending money on a creative writing course at the Tech .
12 Order , my just recent remarks it would apply to the honourable gentleman , just in reply to the honourable gentleman on the front bench , Mr Graham Allett .
13 I am thankful and happy that there was a strange and foreign soul caring about the destiny of a political prisoner in East Germany … when we passed the border last night , I just cried . ’
14 I would like this to be explained to me as I just do n't understand it .
15 Patrick held both hands up in a gesture of peace , he smiled for a moment ; I 'm no trying to get at you personally but I just fucking feel that you cant expect the teacher to be the everything , the heavyweight boxing champion of the world .
16 He finds it difficult to describe his feelings and says at first ‘ I just walked out . ’
17 Everyone else was lying around and I just thought : ‘ That 's it , I 've had enough ’ .
18 And I just walked away leaving everything — clothes , money , records , books …
19 I just kept walking .
20 I just walked .
21 I just walked , all the way along Trumpington Road .
22 I just see everyone pissed , or on the Valium , tryin' to get from one day to the next .
23 I just want to get the looks right ’ .
24 I told you , I said to him , I just pulled in and heaved them out .
25 I just do n't understand you , he said .
26 I just want to tell you .
27 And when I 'm with the other I just feel myself to be a better person .
28 I just arranged their marriage . ’
29 ‘ Look , I just felt that it was time for a change , that 's all .
30 I just ca n't fit in here . ’
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