Example sentences of "[pron] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Well now , Barney , ye may think yerself an old man but I do n't think of meself as such ! ’ he exclaimed testily .
2 Nothin' between here and Russia if you ask me .
3 Naked , come to Thee for dress ;
4 Helpless , look to Thee for grace ;
5 May claim thee for his pains .
6 What is it he blames thee for ? ’
7 ‘ Dear sweet Lord above , I do thank Thee for Thy kindness in showing me this lovely woman before I died . ’
8 If I worship thee for fear of hell ,
9 But if I worship thee for thyself alone ,
10 I " fackins I commend thee for that !
11 And I 'll tell thee for naught , Daniel — never look to me for succour .
12 Oh Lord who to see that all the world , we thank thee for those who fought and those who laid down their lives in the cause of righteousness and freedom .
13 But erm as I say , they did er , the people did but you never got nothing off the government for it and er , I 've always said it , he must have been a much better man than I thought he was because er , er , to go as I say from what it was in those days to start his own business and that .
14 And sh she do n't take nothing off them , she buys all the food !
15 The Canadian dissenters also said that information was withheld from them during the investigation .
16 The pipes were going well considering the damage inflicted on them during and after the landings .
17 Six of them during their career were headmasters of great schools , and this never happened before 1829 , and was a sign of the rising importance which the nation gave to the teaching profession .
18 Rimbaud would seem to be especially culpable since ‘ the deconstructions of semantic forms , the destabilizations of meaning , as we have known them during the past decades , derive from Rimbaud 's dissolution of the self ’ .
19 Villeneuve and Scheckter managed to score just eight points between them during the 1980 season and the reigning world champion failed even to qualify for one race .
20 Britain experimentally contaminated a Scottish island with them during the second world war , and the place was considered dangerous until 1986 .
21 Ruined churches still stand as testaments to the women and children burnt alive in them during those years .
22 Great attention was paid to the pollution which resulted from contact with them during these periods , with vital purification rituals being prescribed to avert the danger to both individuals and community ( in particular , the male religious community , see below ) and restrictions imposed on their movement , particularly with regard access to the cult , during their times of uncleanness .
23 The outcome is that fox hunts will need a licence from the Ministry of Agriculture before they can temporarily block setts to prevent foxes hiding in them during a hunt , or to dig out foxes which succeed in entering a sett .
24 At the same time as I was writing some correspondence ( including the note to you ) , I was attempting to organise the hand-over of certain severely disturbed patients to various colleagues who were to assume responsibility for them during the long vacation .
25 They were stars of the hard left , but we have heard little about them during the election struggle .
26 The plants here have a dense but high canopy of leaves over them during the summer ; so , apart from the odd shaft of sunlight , the conditions are overcast but not dark .
27 An illustrated booklet to accompany the series was prepared by a member of the Ipswich Tutorial Class and questions which arose during the post-broadcast class discussion were forwarded to Mrs. Adams who dealt with them during the following week 's transmission .
28 When the fertility genes ( about 30 ) reside in E. coli 's chromosome , parts of the adjacent chromosomal DNA are often transferred with them during conjugation .
29 To a lesser degree they still exist nearer home ; in the Alps herdsmen take their cattle to the ‘ Alm ’ meadows where they tend them during the summer , and in Scotland and Wales the hill sheep spend half the year on the mountain commons whilst the lower , enclosed land grows winter keep .
30 You can choose either a fixed or a floating interest rate at the start and can switch between them during your loan .
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