Example sentences of "[pron] [modal v] " in BNC.

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1 I mean them let's face it one out the three of us should of thought a bit more .
2 However , there are occasions when doing-it-yourself may be less risk-prone .
3 There are , of course , many schools other than those listed in the appendix , and also a great many private coaches , all of whom may be found in the publication Contacts , a trade book everyone interested in joining the profession should obtain from the office of The Spotlight , 42–43 Cranbourn St , London WC2H 7AP .
4 It is not surprising that many people , some of whom may have seen the equity in their homes rise tenfold , should decide to spend more .
5 The process is slowed down by the young females ' strong attachments to their mothers some of whom may occasionally defect and move off with the young males too .
6 A group of urban poor , some of whom may be recent migrants , driven by the insanitary conditions , high rents and overcrowding of the slum areas , squat on a piece of unused land , and hastily erect a temporary shack .
7 The consequences of fire in hospitals and other health care premises can be especially serious because of the difficulties and dangers associated with the emergency evacuation of patients , many of whom may be highly dependent .
8 Social boundaries will reside in the actor 's conceptualisations of whom , in what degree , it is possible to approach , ask for advice , trust and whom may not be socially ‘ reached ’ .
9 Previously surrounded by school mates and push-bikes , he is now surrounded by the clinical smell of the hospital and the sight of other sick children , some of whom may be minus their hair .
10 Performing King Lear in the round meant making eye-contact with members of the audience , some of whom may have really been embroiled in mayhem the actors were merely playing at .
11 many white athletes , some of whom may themselves be of exceptional athletic potential , believe blacks to be innately superior as athletes .
12 from this point on , Spencer Stuart became a genuinely international firm owned by its own consultants ( none of whom may hold more than 2% of the stock ) and managed by a Chairman and a Chief Executive , each of whom is elected to the position for a defined period .
13 ‘ One of whom may — or may not — succeed you some day ? ’
14 In its standard form , the Prisoners ' Dilemma is a game played by two players , each of whom may choose either to cooperate , C , or defect , D , in any one encounter .
15 Similar attitudes of troops of occupation of all ages and in all places , from South America to India , help us understand the revulsion now felt by many Britons , some of whom may have been sympathetic to Rome and hopeful of recognition of their natural rights and dignity .
16 Yet at a time when the rest of the industrialized world is moving towards a forty hour week , women , many of whom may work at least eighty hours per week , are encouraged to regard this as not being work .
17 Adoption should not be underestimated as a potential problem , and Howe ( 1990 ) estimated that there are approximately 600,000 relinquishing mothers in the UK — many of whom may not have come to terms with their loss .
18 In addition , there are an unknown number of refugees from various countries , several of whom may have impairments associated with war , torture and so on .
19 He was survived by his widow and seven sons and five daughters , some of whom may have been from his previous marriage .
20 This is obviously far more satisfactory than leaving it to a widely dispersed class of persons each of whom may lack the skill , interest and financial resources required if he is to take action on his own .
21 For Approved Social Workers who may well be consulted under the s.58 ( consent to treatment ) provision of the Mental Health Act , clozapine presents a number of ethical issues , including , most importantly , the forcible treatment of patients with the drug , some of whom may also be forced to give blood against their will , in a stretching of common law interpretations relating to non psychiatric medical interventions .
22 It certainly impressed those of limited intelligence , among whom may be numbered Crumwallis himself .
23 I am sure that the House wished to join him in sending its sympathy to the many victims , some of whom may have suffered irreparable damage .
24 If we are acting for a group of shareholders , some of whom may not be Corporate Finance Clients ( eg in the sale of shares in a family business where any of the shareholders have no active business interests ) , care must be exercised .
25 In times of crisis and extreme demand it is easy to overlook the willing horses some of whom may not know their own limitations .
26 The Executive Committee shall meet not less than twice a year in every calendar year : decide its own procedure : elect its own Chairman and Vice-Chairman , each of whom may hold the office for a maximum period of four consecutive years .
27 The January 1983 Medau News would contain an article explaining the new system to all and a letter would be sent to class secretaries ( some of whom may have changed since Sept. ) asking again for their help in encouraging membership amongst class members .
28 Erm it is a social gathering and whether people get er , er get rooked er , they get done or whether they get a bargain or whatever happens , they , they seem to enjoy it , but nevertheless it 's done according to whether you want to make money , the person owning the land wants to make a bit of money , there are a number of entrepeneurs who actually arrange and the middleman who actually goes round booking up the sites and so when you 're talking about charity a charity will get it organised for you by an entre , entrepeneur and then there 's the er the er the traders themselves , some of whom may be purely independent , some the , some may be obviously dealing with that ta erm that kind of aspect which is not exactly possibly legal .
29 On the conservative side yesterday there were largely unspoken fears that it will be difficult for the new government to impose its discipline on 450 or so deputies , many of whom may be tempted to form separate parliamentary groups .
30 The problem with it is that a lot of people are asymptomatic and you do n't know whom may or may not be carrying Jardea .
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