Example sentences of "[prep] be " in BNC.

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1 I am obliged to smell what he smells , the baby powder , the smell of his nails before the fire spits them out-to be caught in the dish and then agonizingly reapplied to his thrilled fingertips .
2 And then the job was on the following days was after be shooting rabbits to feed them do you see .
3 The thunderous applause after Be My Downfall , a cover of Free 's A Little Bit Of Love and the much shouted for Move Away Jimmy Blue was well deserved .
4 She does not want of be forced into a legal structure dominated by her .
5 Another from a character called Piman announces he is selling a rare 1978 edition of Be Bop High School for 50,000 yen .
6 lots of mums will ask about their baby 's feet , do you think there 's anything wrong with this , and they 'll sort of be holding their feet sort of wiggling them around , doing this , that and the other
7 Er , we 're looking at , to whether the branch and the manager , sort of be take a more active role including the the branch sector .
8 The do be construction does not correspond in any simple way to standard English forms of BE ( as is clear if an attempt is made to ‘ translate ’ the second example ) , but encodes aspectual distinctions which are not always syntactically marked in standard English ( Kallen 1986 ; J. Harris 1984 ) .
9 In London English , for example , singular forms of be ( certainly past tense forms ) seem to co-occur freely with we and they as subjects :
10 th you er I mean if it were very heavy you 'd almost sort of be prepared for it to go , but you know when you 're s s standing with a , something quite light , and you might have been standing with it a little while in your hand , and then suddenly the hand goes and ca n't you see that 's ve that 's very upsetting , it makes you not very confident .
11 He did not , as he said on 9 December 1958 , when as owner of Be Careful he spoke at the Gimcrack dinner , object to bookmakers paying something towards the racing industry 's expenses .
12 Well I suppose probably people li like nursemaids and er and er what they used to call in those days mothers ' helps , who used to sort of be a general skivvy around the house and would look after the children , and , and , and they were the same , they had to be in I think at , at sort of ten o'clock at night .
13 Would the idyll she had dreamed of be there again , not smashed to pieces as it seemed to be ?
14 That would kind of be kept a bit quiet was it ?
15 I mean their stock play normally is er a quality ball from Thomson into big Walsh well you know with Walsh missing they they 've got ta sort of be a little bit more inventive with their free kicks .
16 let the slope of the CML be defined as : let the slope of IMI at point M ( where the market is in equilibrium and there is no excess demand for , or excess supply of be defined as follows : therefore in equilibrium Eq .
17 For example , ( 43 ) is matched by ( 45 ) , not ( 44 ) : ( 43 ) frogs croak ( 44 ) croak frogs ( 45 ) croaking frogs Adjectives in English are also distinguished from verbs by the separate peculiarity ( already implied ) that in assignment they must be accompanied by a form of be which carries tense , and which more importantly helps to mark the relation .
18 The idea was if you work hard at learning music , your children will kind of be born with , with an innate erm , capacity for it .
19 This is probably why , alongside the numerous examples of be seen to and be heard to in the affirmative , none have been found in the negative : ( 91 ) * He was n't seen to cross the street .
20 Since mathematics deals with purely imaginary entities , there is theoretically nothing preventing AB from being equal to CD except the need for someone to conceive them as equal , so that the actualization of let carries with it the automatic actualization of be equal .
21 In JC , stay [ sti ] is used as a copular verb instead of be where the state is ongoing or permanent .
22 And obviously if you playing cards close to your chest , you need something like this to sort of be able , you know ,
23 Erm that we consideration of be given by independent Technical Advisor on environmental damage .
24 Find some t , time in each day when you are idle , do n't structure every single part of the twenty four hours , some time when you 're going to sort of be , do nothing .
25 They , they may sort of be very submissive , B types , and therefore they can be stressed in a different way .
26 Because I think one of the most worrying things that for the soldiers at the front was will their family be looked after and will their land sort of be alright when they get back
27 What puzzles me is that er , erm much , much of these bright new people , all seem to dress in such a , a despicable fashion , do n't they , all sort of be , dressed and scruffy and er , and er whether they they 're so busy with
28 I would like to say in general Mr I think that as a Committee we should welcome this report which does , it really does er has done a very thorough job and ha a a and provides us now with a s understandable framework and and time scale work when you 've got target and when brought forward or shown to any member of the complex that that erm I think provisionally with the backlog of what is now ready to tackle the result onto our and commissioner is grant er , er grant , erm there will be , it will be like an enormous benefits not just in those areas that John has taken us to but in general atmosphere which kind of be very tense and competition and I think we 'll be , be seeing the action in this token er within it will be er target time , erm real pro real progress will be this I think the feeling of that will going , come by will , will , will be a lot of ruling er in this area and maybe even start to er leave the question from er as a result and the signal to the users of our serv , of the services and erm would go out of here in a planned way and in answer to er fairly speedily and you know what or reduce the erm the aggro .
29 Yeah er cover was the one that , after we 'd been through the document , I did find of be of particular interest
30 And the fact that your wife is erm there was something that could 've possibly been done for your wife and that is something that maybe I would 've mentioned at the end , do you think this would of be any benefit to the wife only as maybe an ending statement or something
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