Example sentences of "[adj] ' " in BNC.

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1 Oh , not ‘ foetus ' ! she had wanted to say .
2 Vibrations of a 2 ' and a 1 " symmetry are inactive in both IR and Raman spectra .
3 The only IR bands without Raman counterparts should be due to a 2 ' modes .
4 Some authors order the symmetry species a 1 ' , a 2 ' , e' , a 1 ' , a 2 " , e " , regarding the '/ " distinction as most important .
5 Others treat the symmetry with respect to the 3-fold axis as more important , ordering the species as a 1 ' , a 1 " , a 2 ' , a 2 " , e' , e " .
6 IV ) are all symmetry-related , giving a 1 ' , b 2 ' and e' stretching modes , only one of which one ( e' ) is IR-active and all three are Raman active .
7 Even without the new technologies it seems unlikely that the macho-mean-streets style of journalism would have survived intact , given the Thatcherite focus on the spiritual ( and monetary ) values of hearth and home , together with soaring mortgage rates , the civilising influence of feminism and 80s ' health consciousness .
9 His 52.3s win in the under-17s ' 400m earned him the award for the top track athlete in the Northern Division One West match .
10 With no hint that unification was soon forthcoming , the Sevens ' organisers sent their invitation elsewhere , and despite the absence of the Springboks , the April 4–5 tournament will still see some new faces .
11 By the 1940s , government reports purported to consider the needs of the individual child , but as Ann Marie Wolpe has pointed out , prior assumptions were made as to the ‘ natural ’ interests of girls and boys and the destiny of girls as wives and mothers ; indeed , Miriam David has suggested that the 1940s ' curriculum was more differentiated than that of the 1930s .
12 Consequently 1940s ' optimism about a finite amount of ill-health and disease susceptible to a comprehensive health care system was seen to be false , based on erroneous concepts of health and illness .
13 BR 's own acknowledgement of the Class 40s ' popularity , and therefore revenue potential , was the renovation of the 1958 pioneer locomotive D200 to working order , and original livery , for use on special trains for a full three years after the rest of the class had been retired .
14 The desire to ingratiate a way into the listener 's consciousness and thus inveigle an all-important content is the reason all these groups draw inspiration from Sinatra , Bacharach and David , Sondheim , Steely Dan , early seventies ' soul , to produce slick , crafted , sophisticated pop .
15 FNFC , that star of the Seventies ' market crash started life as Birmingham Carriage and Wagon .
16 Eroticism has been placed firmly on the feminist agenda , a challenge to the desexualisation of lesbianism which represented a significant strand of seventies ' feminism .
17 THIS CURIOUSLY wart-like plastic troll ( right ) , currently clawing its way from Seventies ' oblivion to Nineties cool-kitsch , has had a boost from Wrangler .
18 Gareth Jenkins possessed one of the outstanding talents of his Seventies ' generation but injury prevented it demonstration at the very highest level and it is as a Scarlet , the epitome of Llanelli as player and coach , that he has always been seen and highly regarded .
19 Seventies ' youth was full of uncertainties and tenderness which was reflected in the trend for romance and nostalgia , fabrics that swayed and moved ; women wanted to dress up .
20 But of course since that boom in the sixties we 've had the seventies ' economic depression , uncertainty about the future , the problem of the bomb , changed family attitudes , better contraception erm a great drop , and in fact a population a birth fall rather , of something like a third between nineteen sixty four and nineteen sixty seven .
21 Marvin , of Underley Street , Liverpool 8 , plays with the Great Easton Under-10s ' team in the South Merseyside Junior League .
22 For any infinite sequence of symbols 1,2,3 and 4 allowed by Fig. 6.6b we can find a vertical line of points ( arrived at by taking away " two-thirds ' of an interval an infinite number of times ) from which trajectories pass through the four shaded areas in the prescribed sequence .
23 One of the many highlights is the view down Loch Shiel from Glenfinnan , a vista that has been reproduced many times on gaudy retouched 60s ' postcards , and on calendars handed out at Christmas by firms who manufacture ball-bearings .
24 I felt I had stepped back into a thirties ' film and that in the morning , when we went down into the bar for café au lait , Arletty and Jean Gabin would be leaning on the zinc counter .
25 There were old roses climbing up these walls and other old roses in borders — I mean really old ones , not nineteen twenties ' and thirties ' ones which catalogues count as old .
26 The latter opens with a lilting waltz before breaking into a sun-drenched pop anthem , a warm and welcome blood relative to The B-52s ' own ‘ Love Shack ’ .
27 THE FRANK & WALTERS , Irish fruitcake popsters , whose ‘ Trains , Boats And Planes ’ recently , jump on board The B-52s ' pre-Christmas tour for shows at .
28 Hair my song : the B-52s ' surviving core is boosted by Twin Peaks singer Julee Cruise
29 Haslemere thirds ' recent run of good results ended in a poor game at Farncombe .
30 As a bizarre amalgam of egalitarianism , rebellion , idealism , moral sloth and wanton self-indulgence , rock generated the literati it deserved , from the early-1960s generation of giggly pop scribes ( who pushed the old-school showbusiness correspondents aside ) to the ‘ serious ’ boy obsessives who stumbled from the 1970s ' underground , wielding big neuroses and even bigger words .
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