Example sentences of "[adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 On subsequent visits to Spain Minton did reveal enough knowledge of Spanish to engage locals in conversations in bars , but in 1949 the only Spanish Bernard heard him say was ‘ No , melón ! ’ to a waiter .
2 And sand will provide a stable base providing rainwater can not reach it .
3 By the 1960s , partly through its own inner uncertainties and weakness , partly through a torrent of satire and journalistic exposure , the stable base of British public leadership , the pivot of civic culture for generations , was being undermined in government , industry , religion , neighbourhood , and family life .
4 An influence here may well be English Literature , with bands and critics adopting the tools of the stuffier sort of literary criticism , the kind that sees the priority of art as being the reaffirmation of human values , art as the search for a stable base , art as something that orders the confusion of experience .
5 Soon after work began however , it was found that there were serious problems in making a secure , stable base for the embankment and thus progress was brought to a halt .
6 It was agreed that retail/service jobs provided neither a stable base for the economy nor decent jobs for the people of the area .
7 Only slightly more sophisticated than nomadic looms , these are constructed from two vertical beams , either driven into the ground or secured on a stable base , with two horizontal beams fastened at the top and the bottom of the uprights .
8 I am optimistic now that we 've got a stable base for the next year , and I 'm always optimistic for the year after !
9 Basketball : Roberts walks tall to fell Giants
10 Out of the newly desperate and ruined petit bourgeois , and those faced with crushing poverty on the dole , Le Pen , the Lombard League and the German neo-Nazis have refound the classic base of racism and fascism .
11 Although there were no differences in faecal bile acid concentration in those patients with colorectal cancer , total daily excretion was significantly lower than in patients with polyps , an increased colonic absorption of bile acids may in part account for this .
12 The presence of vitamin D 3 receptors in normala nd malignant colorectal tissue , together with the increased colonic absorption of calcium after small bowel resection , had previously suggested that the colon could be a target organ for 1,25 ( OH ) 2 D 3 .
14 It is not known whether there is an increase in colonic absorption of PEGs with age in humans such as is seen in rats , and whether this could have influenced the results .
15 This paper confirms abnormal fluid absorption in the colon in patients with acute watery diarrhoea including cholera , and shows that the concentration and output of SCFA in faeces in patients with acute watery diarrhoea is reduced , and that the addition of luminal SCFA can reverse the impairment of colonic absorption .
16 As luminal SCFA maintain normal colonic absorption in acute diarrhoea , the decrease seen in faecal SCFA output may be of clinical significance .
17 The British colony , already fretting over whether China will give its nod to an expensive new airport in the territory , can ill afford the economic blow of a change in China 's status .
18 I will concentrate on the problem of anaphor resolution , showing how preferential phenomena complicate the task of co-ordinating the activities of various resolution subprocesses , and suggesting solutions to four specific co-ordination problems .
19 During other attacks , Abbey Hill provided warning soon enough for ships to fire rockets full of chaff — metallic strips that produced false echoes on Exocet 's radar .
20 Just over the edge of the cliff the most wonderful flower of all was growing , roots and leaves out of reach on the rocky perpendicular , but the blue spangle of its bloom poking up invitingly at the jagged rim of the cliff .
21 Children should be enabled to understand the codes and conventions by which meanings are represented in documentary and fictional accounts , narrative and argumentative texts , and so on .
22 In the first place , by juxtaposing novelists with social commentators , it becomes evident that fictional accounts are not exaggerated , but often the reverse .
23 New accountability processes have to grapple with the problem of legitimising managerial autonomy and discretion ( to achieve results ) with the need to give real rather than fictional accounts to the various publics with which the organisation interacts .
24 At the end of August , Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust had its portfolios invested as follows : 0.9% Mexico , 2.6% Chile , 14.2% Brazil , 11.6% Hong Kong , 3% Indonesia , 9.6% Philippines , 8% Singapore , 8.1% Thailand , 7.6% Malaysia , 1.8% South Korea , 0.2% Hungary , 9.3% Turkey , 5.8% Greece , 5.7% Portugal and 11.6% liquid investments and cash .
25 My grandfather had a weak heart , and he died in this way .
26 Like most people with a weak heart , especially men , he had not liked to own up , and had lifted the bicycle over the stile , gone home , and died .
27 Although diagnosed as having a weak heart in 1948 , he survived his first wife and married again at the age of 85 .
28 Hoomey , desperate , said , ‘ I 've got a weak heart , sir . ’
29 N.Z. A Weak Heart : Roddie on his bike in the evening , with his hands in his pockets , doing marvels by that dark tree at the corner of May Street .
30 The 5ft 6ins victim had a weak heart and ‘ a toddler could have robbed him ’ — but his death was still a case of murder , the officer added .
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