Example sentences of "[verb] for " in BNC.

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1 They advertise for people to present themselves as possible magistrates .
2 Local volunteer schemes may be able to arrange a regular visitor or you could contact an employment agency or advertise for a kindly ‘ sitter ’ .
3 advertise for birth parents
4 If , at the end of this year , the total funds — I reckon those to be £44 million , but that figure may not be quite accurate — are underspent , will my hon. Friend advertise for people who , from 1989 to 1991 , did not receive their full allocation and allow anyone , including my constituents , to apply to help them use up any unused balance ?
5 Every is going to be female , now does that mean to say , that if no males apply , or if you only advertise for someone female , which I presumably erm , actually going to er run the impossibly do it .
6 But I do move today that we transfer the technical post that will become vacant in the pollution section by the end of this year to the food section , and that Matthew together with the chief environmental health officer consider how best to write a job description , and advertise for that post , and that while I do not see us securing a budget of two thousand five hundred pounds as under fifteen b , I do recommend that the health education authority are contacted , that their help-line is used , and that our E H O's use their premises in the coming new year .
7 Some versions of traps have a capped connector on the side , for connecting an overflow assembly , which can be unscrewed for cleaning .
8 Cedric and Dorothy had seemed a centre , even an essential one ; so many well-known people had been in and out with their politics , books , causes , marches for this and that , demonstrations .
9 There was an even larger turnout on May 14 when funeral marches for Kang were held in the capital and elsewhere .
10 When they first met for real the fierce , cold , autocratic , heroically self-made man 's beady eye and cockily addressed him as ‘ Washy ’ to his face , well , petrification set in , sometimes terminal .
11 On Wednesday 13 February , we met for the second time with pensions as the agenda item .
12 When he and Adenauer met for the first time , de Gaulle records , ‘ We discussed Europe at length .
13 Sometimes they met for lunch or a theatre in London , on neutral ground , and both looked forward to these meetings as if they were occasions of almost illicit pleasure .
14 In one game , against Nottingham Forest , Stephenson was joined by another player who was to take a leading role in Chapman 's future — Grenadier Guardsman Charlie Buchan of Sunderland , whom Chapman met for the first time .
15 During those years we met for ‘ reunions ’ in New York and London and it was always wonderful to see her .
16 Why can I read you like a book , when we only met for the first time four days ago ?
17 It met for the first time on 25 February 1986 and includes representatives from the Departments of Transport , Environment , Employment , and Trade and Industry ; Kent County Council ; the district councils of ; elected members of Kent local authorities and Parliamentary constituencies ; Eurotunnel ; Transmanche Link ; and British Rail .
18 Only the Good Christ knows why we met for that .
19 ‘ Old Mr Misfortune ’ found consolation for his latest failure by marrying his 17-year-old bride , on the very day they met for the first time , 2 September 1719 .
20 Such is the force of tradition that when the newly instituted Parliament of Northern Ireland met for the first time in 1921 , its first act was to claim these ‘ undoubted and ancient privileges ’ .
21 They met for the first time at the weekend as their two-week-old girls were swopped and handed back to the right mothers .
22 ‘ Stan called me and we met for a chat at his home .
23 With an interpreter we met for a drink and he told me that because his home was in East Germany he had been forbidden to travel abroad until quite recently when he became an old-age Pensioner ; this voyage was his first taste of freedom .
24 I made no comment on this at the time ( though privately I thought it a brash boast ) but when we met for the interview I asked if he had brought the pendulum with him .
25 I joined Dateline then and went out with one person I met for two years , but then I moved away with my work .
26 ‘ Wild ’ Charlie Mander , the British consul , and Sheriff Felipe Almodovar , the self-styled ‘ Law South of Tierra del Fuego , ’ met for talks in an attempt to reach a settlement , but tempers rose and shots were exchanged .
27 SEEDY : Rumpled bed and empty bottles in the borrowed Fulham flat where Mellor and Antonia met for their steamy love sessions
28 They all met for the first time on the show .
29 Twenty-seven veterans of the summer campaign to Argentina ( minus centre Christian Coeurville who is involved in exams ) , along with the ‘ tired trio ’ — Sella , Mesnel and LaFond — and the ‘ banned trio ’ of Gimbert , Benazzi and Roumat , and Sebastian Conchy ( the Begles and French students flanker ) met for a squad session in Leon in South West France .
30 We met for the first time just two days before departure and accepted a murderous schedule of four games in 10 days , before opening against the New Zealand provincial champions just two days after a 25 hour journey to Dunedin .
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