Example sentences of "[verb] is " in BNC.

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1 Only as these islands coalesce is the full Madelung energy involved , producing the observed increase in adsorption heat with coverage .
2 In fact , it is all too easy to conclude that if one 's message is misunderstood , the receiver is at fault ; and if the other person 's attempt to communicate is not understood , then the other person 's mode of expression is deficient in some way .
3 An ability to communicate is essential in this process .
4 In fact , the implementation of the right to communicate is tantamount to the democratisation of communication on every level .
5 Because , although Vladimir 's environment is different , his essential business need to communicate is n't .
6 Supported by WACC , the seminar will examine how the concept of the right to communicate is understood and practised in the four Chinese societies of China , Hong Kong , Singapore and Taiwan .
7 ‘ Whatever achievements policemen can claim , the ability to communicate is certainly not one of them ’ , said Sir Robert Mark in his 1973 Dimbleby Lecture .
8 Video recording is also regularly used in training for situations where the ability to communicate is important .
9 ‘ A lot of people think blindness must be worse than deafness but not being able to communicate is really maddening . ’
10 The need to communicate is a key characteristic of human society ; it serves basic social functions and it signals the ability to store information and to learn from it .
11 PETER MacLeod believes that an ability to communicate is one of his vital strengths .
12 Eavesdropping is , of course , a revealing rather than reliable occupation .
13 Eavesdropping is its intimate variation .
14 Eavesdropping is despicable , Señor de Santis , ’ she said , her cheeks beginning to glow .
15 Bonemeal is a good base which lasts several years , and can be spread at the rate of about 180–240 g per sq m ( 6–8 oz per sq yd ) , and garden compost into which wood ashes have been mixed is particularly helpful on such soils .
16 To say that its reviews were mixed is to understate the case — the cons far outweighed the pros .
17 Is n't something to do with the with the the way it 's mixed is n't is n't Chris talking about No ?
18 It 's mixed is it ?
19 cos Goodwood 's sorted is n't it ?
20 Occasionally sleep is missed , or is twice as long as usual .
21 The results show that when body temperature is low or falling then not only is fatigue higher but also sleep is easier to initiate .
22 Stage I sleep is defined in terms of the EEG and EOG records as consisting of a low voltage EEG with some slow activity , and occasional vertex sharp waves , and slow rolling eye movements ( see example . )
23 Temperatures can fall very low during the night so some form of heating in the room where you sleep is advisable .
24 Inside the mouse 's body , of course , the poison that made it so easy to catch is still present and can cause serious damage to the unfortunate cat .
25 Millett J commented : ‘ It would not , I think , be unfair to say that the defendants wish to embark on a fishing expedition , and that what they hope to catch is not primary evidence , but material for cross-examination ’ .
26 And what they will be trying to catch is just 70 very big carp dominated by a monster 36lb specimen .
27 And in the general fever for branding schemes OSF is also introducing its own programme for vendors to badge their products ‘ OSF certified ’ .
28 Reportedly OSF is motivated in setting things up like this to see the technologies can stand on their own .
29 I 'm often asked if I get sick of making presentations and signing autographs but I always answer by saying that the time to worry is when no-one wants me to do these things .
30 A court that tries to decide as Parliament would have wished is more likely to be right than a court that follows the words believing it was not what Parliament intended .
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