Example sentences of "[verb] [modal v] " in BNC.

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1 Many of the concepts explained may appear to be self-evident but their thorough understanding will assist the reader in later chapters which concentrate on international banks , markets and financial flows .
2 It is tempting to sit on your backside at the hut on a hot afternoon but an hour 's reconnoitre may repay its effort many times over .
3 Speech seen but not heard may be taken literally .
4 The order in which applications are heard may sometimes he important , particularly if the granting of a licence raises the question of the overprovision or similar facilities , a ground of refusal under s. 17(1) ( d ) .
5 In arid and semi-arid regions leaching may be minimal and solutions in the weathering mantle can attain high concentrations of dissolved constituents .
6 One important corollary of the decision that obscene material must have more serious effects than arousing feelings of revulsion is the doctrine that material which in fact shocks and disgusts may not be obscene , because its effect is to discourage readers from indulgence in the immorality so unseductively portrayed .
7 Light exposure and the stability of cosmetic products to light may be assessed by methods developed for colour fastness of textiles of which the following is an example : British Standard 1006 : 1978 .
8 Fastness to light may be a problem , but this does not mean that they can not be used to make finished pieces .
9 I understand the Campaign for Real Ale Limited may change the amount only after giving me prior notice .
10 Thus is seems that the amount of alcohol consumed may also have an effect on the severity of alcoholic pancreatitis in the total population , as well as in individual subjects .
11 Pre-school children , or those who are developmentally delayed may be tested with the Sheridan vision test for young children and retardates .
12 facility for for us to take it up , and er I would like to see may be er some something incorporated , there was one suggestion of a Bramley park or something of that nature was n't there in those suggestions we had , have we still got that one , could you could you just er inform me what it really said ?
13 A 200 per cent increase looks huge but the base on which it is calculated may be small .
14 The time scale for which such forecasts may be calculated may vary from one month to several years ahead .
15 The time scale for which such forecasts may be calculated may vary from one month to several years ahead .
16 Accordingly , the basis on which the rent is calculated may itself be changed through a change in the composition of the index .
17 Thirdly , the base figure upon which the index is calculated may be updated .
18 So Bartle may have been a corn spirit , christianised to become St Bartholomew whose day falls at the right time of year , or even a former village priest as has been suggested .
19 But the psychologism this encourages may help to mute feminist debate .
20 What I mean may be clearer after some autobiographical reflections .
21 Well I mean may be there 's there 's there 's an argument on teaching contraception measures .
22 Intent to kill may be regarded as the most obvious and indisputable form of fault element for murder , but to some extent that depends on the meaning of ‘ intent ’ .
23 Each child registered may well bring the school an additional £500 — this extra money forming a significant part of a school 's funding .
24 The desire to continue to nurse may have to be subjugated to the need to work at something which enables the other responsibilities to be satisfied .
25 The intention of the partners will be clearer , and some of the difficulties that can otherwise arise may thus be avoided .
26 Sympathetic handling and understanding of behaviour problems that may arise may be necessary .
27 The list of the sort of aggravations that could arise may appear to be daunting .
28 Failure of gliadin derived peptides to activate adenylate cyclase in duodenal biopsy homogenates from patients who have been successfully treated may be ascribed to the repair of mucosal damage .
29 But you 're , but you 're quite right you , you certainly , you certainly have the right to say look , you know , rather than signing this now er I do need some time to think I mean let's face it there 's a load of s If you turn it over on the back of the credit agree
30 No it was just it was just so you , I mean let's face it , er my father used to mend our shoes , repair our shoes , in fact I 've still got his hobbing iron now .
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