Example sentences of "[verb] [be] " in BNC.

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1 Oh , I was going to 've been Suzanne Brown , years ago , before he stole my bag .
2 I ought to I ought to 've been the bloody brainiest in country me
3 But some of the film-makers we met are not so sure .
4 Some of the characters they met are portrayed by Minton in the book .
5 In fact what he has been using are exactly the same as the cheap mass-produced lasers used in CD machines .
6 The only missiles they 're using are stones .
7 Even between technical peers as in a design team there can be difficulties in communication because the models which individuals are using are not identical .
8 Horizontal and vertical number lines like the ones you have been using are put together to describe or plot positions on a graph .
9 Yeah , but the trips he 's using are big .
10 Some sites have tried to build an entire secure environment for the LIFESPAN Manager , such that all the operations foreseen are provided from within a set of command procedures to which the LIFESPAN Manager is tied .
11 There are few forested areas of the world that remain untouched by human activity and those that do remain are unlikely to survive intact in the future .
12 The seaplanes that do remain are small aircraft , not generally used for scheduled passenger services .
13 In terms of a common form of theism , we have suggested that those world religions we have examined are all fundamentally monotheistic — they believe in one God .
14 But so far as the confusions about to be examined are concerned , it does not solve the difficulty .
15 Countries examined are Hong Kong , Indonesia , Japan , Korea , Malaysia and the Philippines .
16 Countries whose changing financial structure examined are the US , Canada , UK , West Germany , Switzerland , France and Japan .
17 Also examined are how these households organise their domestic time and tasks , and their attitudes to the changing patterns of work and the problems which arise .
18 Almost all the insects examined are generalists , particularly small bees that visit a wide range of the trees with rather small ‘ unspecialized ’ flowers .
19 The beginnings examined are interestingly compared with those featuring in films , whereas the exploration of middles and ends includes a study on theme patterning in " popstyling " , characterisation as it emerges from fictional discourse , and a functional typology of dialogue ( which is interesting , but unfortunately inadequately substantiated in terms of textual evidence ) in " actionbooks " .
20 What do you think are the most important differences between men and women ?
21 Time and time again he will charge for the snags which are in range , including some of which you may be unaware , or others you may think are out of range .
22 Which two places on map H do you think are best for new warehouses and distribution ?
23 What do you think are your weaknesses/failings ?
24 What do you think are your greatest strengths ?
25 Wayne 's World may have made Scooby Doo hip , but we 're talking serious addiction to cartoon characters that even your five-year-old sister would think are naff .
26 What do you think are the reasons for the problems facing George and Marie , and what advice would you give them ?
27 So in this chapter you will find some pointers for looking at what you might think are everyday activities .
28 Which do you think are good , entirely good ?
29 What do you think are the common causes of fire in the home situation ?
30 What do you think Are they ke What do you think are the major problems they should be concentrating on ?
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