Example sentences of "[verb] [adv] " in BNC.

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2 Sadly for them , their response to it works against them and encourages the very behaviour they fear most .
3 ( My dad never touched the pig , though I was sure this was conditioning rather than religious scruple , just as I would n't eat horse 's scrotum .
4 On reflection , though , she doubted if she 'd got enough crocks or cutlery and ‘ what was they going ter sit on ? ’
5 It is completely parallel and can intelligently farm bits of itself and applications across multiple processors , or alternatively sit on just one .
6 ‘ There 's a certain self-perpetuating establishment core of goody-goodies who sit on [ the records ] , even extract and destroy files .
7 It is completely parallel and can intelligently farm bits of itself and applications across multiple processors , or alternatively sit on just one .
8 " I do n't think I 'll ever feel anything ever again with the region I sit on , " grinned Chuck as he continued to bounce up and down on the plank bench .
9 Even the stones we sit on
10 I 've just asked him about the collaborative review the focus is apparently on national curriculum so that means maths , English and , but they want to look ge more general issues and because they 're in on a Wens Tuesday and a Wednesday he said that they would go in a look at , three of them would go in a look at taught tutorial lessons they will want to talk to me about the tutorial programme I would hope that that would involve somebody else cos I 've got the bit of the fence that I sit on and ask one or two of you to give your opinion if , if you 're available .
11 Sit on maybe thirteen or fourteen eggs .
12 Me me mo sit on .
13 Sit on here .
14 Sit on there .
15 Yeah , that 's it , or sit on there or get
16 If you sit on
17 That 's right you sit on there and I 'll get the kiddies together
18 Go on go and sit on
19 Go and sit on there , go on !
20 BEAUTIFUL , flexible sounds , delicately turned phrases , and the sort of energy which skips rather than strides — the King 's Consort at the Queen 's Hall reminded us that civilisation is not entirely destroyed .
21 Six or seven has the same effect if you land right , leaving you with an aching crotch and bruised joints if you 're lucky .
22 Bernie laid right into me , telling me I was stupid for losing them .
23 One of his associates was the noted bibliophile Richard de Bury , later Bishop of Durham , and it was he who informed the Pope , in response to a message conveyed verbally , that requests which the king himself really wished to be carried out would bear the words Pater Sancte in his own hand .
24 ‘ I had to drive somewhere . ’
25 When federalists bleat on about how interdependent the world is , one wonders what world they live in .
26 I persisted , rather surprised that somebody who really had done something was so reticent , when there are people , like me for instance , who bleat on about the most tawdry experiences .
27 The beams are reflected at M 1 ( M 2 ) , return , recombine coherently at M again , and are detected by a photosensitive device .
28 The play tottered on like this for a quarter of an hour .
29 The PROFITBOSS pro-acts his way to profit rather than reacting to potential loss .
30 ‘ Of course not , ’ she countered politely , meeting the smiling eyes of the hovering waiter with a touch more warmth in her face .
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