Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 The villa was run to support everyone who lived there , but as well as this , surplus products , especially wool and grain , were traded with other parts of Britain and with provinces all over the Roman Empire .
2 She had to face the handicaps of severe diabetes but , true to Greek ideals , she endured them with stoicism ; only on four occasions in 30 years did she break down under these cruel burdens .
3 These were the sort of respondents who nicknamed the fieldworker ‘ Tell her Nothin ’ and ‘ Nosebag ’ , and tried to assert informal checks on colleagues who were conversing with her by reminding them of the notepad and that she ‘ writes everything down ’ .
4 Her job is to push Cabinet ministers ‘ to do what is right ’ ; this involves reminding them of the Government 's strategy laid down in the manifestos and combating what she regards as the inertia inherent in departments .
5 He pays tribute to his treatment at Gartree prison , he apologises to the bomb victims ' families that they have had to keep reminding them of their loss : ‘ But we had to fight for our freedom . ’
6 In the meantime all those due to appear in the FA Cup third round in the New Year have received a letter from Lancaster Gate reminding them that the FA has the power to throw them out of the competition if their players become involved in mass brawls .
7 It was on condition no one ever reminding them they were actually living there .
8 This Christian Socialist , dedicated to equal shares and to soaking the rich ( who included his own family ) , was accepted and frostily admired as an incorruptible thorn in the nation 's conscience , forever reminding them that there was no jam today and they could only expect some tomorrow if they had earned it .
9 When Boniface wrote to other bishops , he had a way of invariably reminding them that Christian authority meant service .
10 The director-general , Michael Checkland , once publicly reprimanded The Late Show 's producers , reminding them that most licence-fee payers had never heard of — let alone visited — the Groucho Club .
11 In magisterial style , Green dealt peremptorily with the committee 's inflexible attitude , reminding them that on every substantive issue he had fully discussed its possible implications with them .
12 Each such pupil also receives a personalised letter reminding them of their entitlement to education and training , and guaranteeing them both an interview with an officer of the Careers Service and an offer of a place on a training scheme , in a job or in continued education .
13 Helping residents or reminding them to go to and from the toilets is a daily part of your duties .
14 Perhaps one day an Ayrshire school or other organisation will pursue the theme and bring the peoples of the old and new worlds closer to each other by reminding them of their common bonds .
15 Efforts were made to send Jewish teachers with Jewish evacuees ( British and refugee ) , and a letter went out to all RCM children who had been uprooted reminding them of their faith and upbringing .
16 But that single question , reminding them of who he was and what he represented , chilled the room and changed their mood from fascinated and horrified interest to a slightly embarrassed unease .
17 A.C.G. Hastings was reprimanded by High Commissioner Girouard for using military means to effect the subjugation of the cannibal Tula tribe ; to redeem himself he volunteered to subdue the equally unruly Awok without firing a shot , and did so — by reminding them of the fate of the Tulas and giving them two hours to surrender their weapons .
18 Interestingly the blue metal deposit , cobalt , was so named by miners because it was useless and troublesome , reminding them of harassment suffered at the hands of these GOBLINS .
19 The ever-cautious Margaret Beckett is no longer on the left by any definition but her own , but she knows that she can not win the votes of a majority of MPs , let alone constituency members , without reminding them of her leftwing roots .
20 At their elbows stand the ghosts of the fallen in the first world war , reminding them of that earlier occasion when so many ministers preached uncritical political guidance from their pulpits .
21 When you need to put pressure on someone , reminding them of time limits can increase their stress level and make them capitulate sooner rather than later .
22 Ahead of them a match flared and a lighted cigarette glowed briefly like a small bright beacon , reminding them of streetlamps and bonfires and shop windows blazing with light .
23 Through their wholly unacceptable behaviour , keoi mark themselves apart from humans , while reminding them of the possibility of such behaviour .
24 Either they win the faint gratitude of listeners by reminding them of the original with a faithful remake , or they rip the original to shreds and reassemble it in a manner pleasing to themselves .
25 Last Thursday , the paper says , Pierre-Francois Couture , the Postal Ministry 's representative on the France Telecom board , asked the operator 's managers to think about a spin-off , reminding them of the ‘ increasingly aggressive competitive telecommunications environment , ’ pointing out that the French digital cellular market has been slow to take off .
26 Cardinal Lercaro , one of the moderators , stressed the need for greater speed on the part of the commissions , reminding them — an indirect but clear reference to the Theological Commission — that it was not their task to decide disputed issues by presenting for discussion one straightforward text , but to evaluate and organize amendments so that they could be more easily decided in the Council Hall .
27 At the lasts two A.G.M. 's of the parent body , the Hong Kong Branch has failed to comply with the constitution in that they have not submitted a Branch Report for consideration by the A.G.M. The chairman of Standing Committee has subsequently written to the Branch on several occasions reminding them of the need to submit a report and so far , has not received a reply .
28 They would appear from time to time and taunt the old couple , reminding them of their past lives and the failures or mistakes which had brought them to the castle ( though never detailing them — neither Quiss nor Ajayi knew what the other had done to justify sending them here .
29 Could he ruffle the smugness of manufacturing Whigs and land-owning Tories alike by reminding them of what hands such as these had done in France ?
30 SCOTVEC has written to colleges reminding them of the availability of a devolved system of assessment for awards for which only one college provides the course .
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