Example sentences of "[noun] give " in BNC.

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1 At first sight , the picture of word-meaning given by patterns of affinity and disaffinity is , at least in some respects , different from the picture given by semantic traits .
2 The new issue market is not a distinct and separate organization within the Stock Exchange , rather it is merely a tag given to the collection of processes by which companies acquire both a listing on the exchange and new equity capital .
3 ‘ One coin given away with every four gallons of petrol .
4 For example , the samples of handwriting given above are written cursively ( or ‘ joined-up ’ ) .
5 Moscow sets terms for unity debate Following are extracts from an address to members of the European Parliament given yesterday by the Soviet Foreign Minister , Mr Eduard Shevardnadze .
6 A previous Tory Home Secretary wrote in the White Paper : ’ Since the Prior committee 's report was published , the Government 's Public Order Bill has been put before Parliament Given the restructuring of public order offences in the Public Order Bill , the Government 's view is that there is no need for a further public offence of prison mutiny . ’
7 How do we account for the minimal pairs given in Chapter 9 ?
8 All the keywords can be left in the configuration file , as the parameter given for the keyword HCMAP dictates whether a volume set will be prepared for hard copy or omitted from the hard copy run .
9 So what happens with any acid and any metal with a mes a metal and an acid you 're going to get a salt and hydrogen given off .
10 The presidents agreed on a number of points relating to the 10-year-old civil war in El Salvador and the sanctuary given to Nicaraguan contra rebels in Honduras .
11 He was living with his third wife , the ice goddess Veronica , in an LA mansion , surrounded by the gifts of a lifetime — a six-foot , hand-carved tiger given to him by Deng Xiaoping , a robe given to him by Elvis Presley .
12 There is no doubt that the three surface positions for adjectives can be correlated with the three intensional patterns given in ( 37 ) .
13 The baby had rejected milk given by the foster mother .
14 A recent ad for follow-on milk , quoting from an article in the British Medical Journal , stated that cow 's milk given at six months caused ‘ subclinical but appreciable gastro-intestinal bleeding in about a third of children . ’
15 The proposal for Leapor 's subscription conveys a similar idea of Leapor as an uneducated genius given , nonetheless , to considerable reading :
16 China also ‘ could not tolerate ’ the award given to the Dalai Lama in Paris , and ‘ condemned ’ France for permitting the exiled democracy campaigner , Yan Jiaqi , to ‘ conduct activities against the Chinese Government ’ .
17 China also ‘ could not tolerate ’ the award given to the Dalai Lama in Paris , and ‘ condemned ’ France for permitting the exiled democracy campaigner , Yan Jiaqi , to ‘ conduct activities against the Chinese Government ’ .
18 In 1921 the Society of Chemical Industry instituted the Messel medal , its senior award given every second year .
19 I have just done her a return kindness by getting invitations for her and her mother , to the Alumnus of the Year award given by Royal Bank as holder of Chair of European Governmental Studies .
20 President , colleagues , I am so proud and honoured to receive this gold badge , more so because this is the award given to me by you President , I do want to thank a number of people I also want to thank the regional secretary , Steve , who thank you , Steven , for your support and guidance .
21 There is no automatic award given to its .
22 In Spain , we took Hal Hambra from a loss to a profit and the award of the Albanta Prize by the Spanish government and this is an award given to the best new text book in , in the Spanish educational system each year .
23 Richard Huxley Jones , 72 , is this year 's recipient of the Aelwyn Morgan memorial award given by Rhuddlan Town Council to those who contribute most to the community .
24 John Redding , 21 , picked up a trophy donated by former Teesside County Borough engineer Jim Radcliffe , while 18-year-old John McGuckin received an award given by Garth Drabble , retired county surveyor and engineer .
25 For the TB given here , .
26 His violent death was only a matter of course given the way he lived .
27 Why not follow such a course given the controversy about the issue of district services being autonomous from mental hospitals ?
28 Thirty-five teachers attended a special course given by Veronica Portmann , a lively young teacher from the Gymnastickschule in Bern .
29 She found it in Medau Rhythmic Movement when attending a course given by Molly Braithwaite at St. Andrews in Scotland , and decided at once to study at the Medau Schule in Coburg .
30 Management therefore need information that helps them determine the cost and effectiveness of alternative programmes given a variety of resource constraints ( typically the imposition of cash limits and target staffing levels ) .
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