Example sentences of "[noun] for " in BNC.

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1 For example , if the examination lasts from 10.00 to 13.00 hours the time-table for six equally weighted questions would be as follows
2 Furthermore , Sara did not want to be bound by a rigid time-table for meals , which Lizzie expected and insisted on .
3 Profits at Unilever are forecast to rise from £575m to around £595m for the third quarter .
4 and Lord Meston for the mother .
5 Lord Meston for the father .
6 Side doors hinge up , and allow superb visibility for all occupants .
7 The prismed bomb aimer 's station provided excellent visibility for the pin-point accuracy required .
8 DEC is trying to gain visibility for the 661 companies it says are converting programmes for Alpha RISC .
9 Paradoxically , then , reduced citation visibility for authors could result in middle authorship continuing to be regarded as an earned ( and hence valued ) privilege rather than as a right , a favour , a payback , or an inconsequential bagatelle .
10 It is a coming-together of intentions to create visibility for key strategies and organizational movement .
11 RIO DE JANEIRO ( AP ) — Luis Sales , head of a Brazilian advertising agency , was freed unharmed after being held by kidnappers for two months .
12 ALLEGATIONS that the Swiss government failed to pay kidnappers for the release of an abducted Red Cross official in Sidon last year may lie behind the seizure yesterday of two more Swiss delegates of the International Red Cross .
13 Pottering down to the library to exchange Colin Thubron for Jonathan Raban or dropping in to the Jacaranda Tree for a mushroom omelette , everything can seem orderly and secure .
14 One week several AEs were sacked from DPR for their inability to convey the concept of financial futures .
15 Prices range from £9.95 for a three-metre black , blue or red cable up to £13.95 for a 5 metre orange or green version , £15.95 for a 5m translucent pink jobbie and £17.95 for a 5m toaster-type .
16 Also titled Howard Carter : before Tutankhamun ( British Museum Press , £12.95 p/b £9.95 for visitors to the museum during the period of the exhibition ) , it is an anthology of Howard Carter 's writings illustrated by his own photographs , drawings and paintings .
17 The range consists of 17 items with prices starting from £1 for a guest soap up to £9.95 for a pair of luxury coathangers .
18 The best way to help them all is Labour 's way — by increasing child benefit to £9.95 for every child , to reflect 1987 value .
19 The staircase and walls are of white marble , with the addition of lapis lazuli for the geometrical floor pattern .
20 By the same token contracts drawn up for Italian fresco painters during the Renaissance commonly stipulated the use of ultramarine containing powdered lapis lazuli for the Virgin 's cloak .
21 Mr Hanley also partly blamed a lack of support among the employers of part-timers for the drop in their numbers .
22 The Church Commissioners also handle the stipends of the diocesan and suffragan bishops , as well as stipends for the deans/provosts and two residentiary canons at all but two of the cathedrals .
23 The upper line shows the least-squares regression for insectivores and frugivores , the lower one that for folivores ( from Clutton-Brock and Harvey 1977 ) .
24 We chose linear regression for describing the overall changes in mean sperm concentrations , but other statistical models have also been tested .
25 Soviet specialists also maintain that neutrality or neutralisation would anyway be a regression for a ‘ socialist ’ state such as Vietnam .
26 In fact , Lucas actually substitutes for from equation ( 6.4 ) and estimates the following regression for each country :
27 Thus Lucas can be seen to be estimating a regression for each country in which that country 's deviation of real output from its natural level is regressed on its own lagged value and Lucas 's measure of the unpredictable and therefore unanticipated component of aggregate demand .
28 t Tests were used for two level factors ; ANOVA was employed for factors with several levels , and simple linear regression for continuous variables .
29 Each patient had three measurements of bone mineral density and rates of bone loss were estimated by linear regression for each subject .
30 Whilst most of these patients died within a year , 9 achieved tumour regression for at least 12 months ( range 1–5 years ) after two to four courses of I-MIBG .
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