Example sentences of "[noun] i " in BNC.

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1 Oh mum me do it , me are gon na do that and that in a minute
2 mum , mum me and Aaron want some apple
3 Thursday afternoon me and mum looked after Daniel and Benjamin , cos erm , a relative of Sarah 's died a week before and the funeral was Thursday , so , I said to mum yes I 'd go up and help her
4 In Figure 16.9 , equilibrium is achieved with a rate of interest re and a quantity of money Me .
5 ‘ I 've told yer lots o' times me an' Tommy finished long ago .
6 Many are the times me wife and I have sat at the table with a large sheet of graph paper and worked it all out , only to find that either my ruler 's idea of an inch does n't tally with the real thing , or the width of a pencil line on the plan actually equates to a foot in real life .
7 This really is committee work but I , it does occur to me that mention it that erm , if in our advertising we point out that we have a car park attendant and if that car park attendant were to let one slip through his fingers me were , we may well then be liable to be sued by the person who
8 Me feel me want progress me want progress move fasta
9 But one day Miss Havisham decided it was time to apprentice me to Joe , and told me to bring him to her house .
10 Maybe I can find someone to apprentice me .
11 Leslie was disturbed to hear of this latest small trauma : ‘ It distresses me , ’ he wrote , ‘ to think of you being chivvied about in the way you are ; after all , the army supports me , and when it moves me thinks a wee bit about me .
12 It is the abuse of freedom which homosexuals have won which distresses me .
13 Comfortable within my landlord 's neat demesne , I am cushioned against the uglification of the landscape which offends and distresses me the moment I cross the boundaries .
14 It makes even worse reading and it distresses me to have to bring it to the attention of the House .
15 It distresses me .
16 The council leader , Owen Taylor , said : ‘ We are being used as a scapegoat and that distresses me .
17 ‘ Now look , Connie me pet , it 's bleedin' cold in the parlour , ’ complained Archie , ‘ and , anyway , I got to see a bloke about a job . ’
18 He stroked the strings , and before the echo of them died , he said , ‘ Señorita me quieres ? ’
19 What are you what are what are you singing are you singing things like erm like er , Oh Lonesome Me , Beautiful Dreamer these
20 Oo ar , Jim me lad , it 's cut-and-thrust duelling onboard the pirate ship
21 and I ca n't stand the noise me , I hear it going beep , beep , beep , beep , beep , beep
22 If they like sentence me straight away for doing something like I 'd think to myself is it worth it ?
23 No , I do n't give a toss me !
24 If you lend me some to tide me over . ’
25 I was between jobs , and I actually had enough to tide me over while I had a sabbatical .
26 I went to the National Gallery and offered to sell the two Paul Klees I had carried with me , to tide me over .
27 I will have wages to tide me over initially . ’
28 A little to tide me over , I gather . ’
29 It would n't be much , but would maybe tide me over till I could find something better .
30 We had a real good time but of course me dad had to spoil it when I got home .
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