Example sentences of "[noun] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 At harvest feasts the distinctions between the farmer and the labourers whom he hired were relaxed .
2 From eleven in the morning until four in the afternoon nothing stirred .
3 ‘ You call this afternoon nothing ? ’
4 Scot nothing to do with you ! ’
5 Work continues with NEC on the low-power VRX R4000 iteration , though SGI has n't decide whether it 'll productise the thing yet , it may prefer instead to let NEC bring portable technologies to market and OEM them .
6 Oh mum me do it , me are gon na do that and that in a minute
7 mum , mum me and Aaron want some apple
8 By early November however , as the Dublin lock-out attacks against leaders of the trade unions and the Labour Party who seemed to be obstructing his plans for a general strike , not only in Dublin , but throughout Great Britain , vilifying them as " serpents whom I shall allow to raise their foul heads and spit out their poison no longer " and as having " neither soul to be saved nor body to be kicked " Almost overnight , support for Larkin turned into denunciation of his reckless methods and of his policy of attempting to bleed British unions of funds in support of sympathy strikes which seemed destined either to fail or to lead to unwanted revolution .
9 Will everyone be attending ? ’ asked Maria .
10 She 'd taken a shine to Tom Rudge whom she now knew to be an apprentice fitter , as was Cyril , his mate .
11 Memories unfortunately fade and hopes soon waned when after 1 1/2 hours nothing was found in the area suggested .
12 When I took these two guitars into the studio to try them out , over the course of the first hour everyone and their cat called in and could n't resist having a go .
13 Thursday afternoon me and mum looked after Daniel and Benjamin , cos erm , a relative of Sarah 's died a week before and the funeral was Thursday , so , I said to mum yes I 'd go up and help her
14 Dziekanowski did not play at Wembley last summer — he was suspended after walking out on his then club Legia Warsaw — but clearly he is in the mood to test the English defenders whom Bobby Robson has been casting as his unsung heroes .
15 ‘ In case everyone has forgotten , I 'm still here , ’ Paula interjected .
16 So I think that what he has done is to try and meet the concerns which your Lordships have have expressed er i in second reading My Lords er I did think if I might say so with the greatest of respect for the Noble Lord , Lord Harris of Greenwich whom I admire en enormously and not for er only for his views which erm depending upon what the views are er that it depends upon my extended admiration
17 He wanted $4500 for the job — once he had seen what it entailed — whereas because of the limited budget everyone else was on scale , amounting to a few hundred dollars .
18 Meanwhile , Garrison 's row with Pam Shriver whom she accused of ‘ racist ’ comments during their match on Saturday remains unresolved , with the American still undecided whether or not to resign from the WTA board of directors .
19 I ai n't no building them just to get all out and up done , I mean the programme now looks crowded , but when you look at the new programme it 's just full , there 's nowhere else and no more room in them boxes to write my instead of one every two , three months , there 's four and five every month starts something
20 People like ex-British Airways captain Derek Ellis whom I met at Kerikeri airfield .
21 Money Everyone 's chasing the profits of doom
22 Ye can sing like Judy Garland Ye can whistle like Lauren Bacall Yir lovelier than Liz-beth Taylor But still yir worth — ( Interrupted by the sleazy pinstriped figure of Mr King )
23 In Figure 16.9 , equilibrium is achieved with a rate of interest re and a quantity of money Me .
24 ‘ I 've told yer lots o' times me an' Tommy finished long ago .
25 Many are the times me wife and I have sat at the table with a large sheet of graph paper and worked it all out , only to find that either my ruler 's idea of an inch does n't tally with the real thing , or the width of a pencil line on the plan actually equates to a foot in real life .
26 This really is committee work but I , it does occur to me that mention it that erm , if in our advertising we point out that we have a car park attendant and if that car park attendant were to let one slip through his fingers me were , we may well then be liable to be sued by the person who
27 The punters are typically those C2 social groups whom , we are told , the Conservatives must retain if they are to do well on Thursday .
28 This was no peasant revolution , but an insurrection led by the intelligentsia of the new middle classes ( those professional groups whom the Enlightenment aristocrats despised as base and usurers ) .
29 The BMA called a press conference on the emigration of doctors an hour beforehand , half the journalists went off to that , and the fierce women sent along by the pressure groups whom I had invited to liven up the occasion terrorised the few press men who remained into almost complete silence .
30 Baron and Strawson ( 1976 ) reported on the ways in which regular and irregular words were processed by two general groups whom they called " Chinese " and " Phoenician " readers .
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