Example sentences of "[noun] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Change the patient 's position two hourly to encourage secretions to drain from the chest and to relieve pressure on the chest wall .
2 Kevin , from Lymington , also beached flounder to 1 lb 12 oz using ragworm on a size 2 hook to 15 lb line .
3 The new X-terminal offers a large user memory of 30Mb , and fits in with Forefront , Hitachi 's heterogeneous systems integration schema announced in February .
4 Although working people are now more likely to be contributing to an occupational or personal pension , even in future years not all people will have been able to accumulate sufficient provision to support themselves in retirement — for example those people who have not worked for many years because they were unemployed or disabled or caring for relatives .
5 Capital provision to support these two areas is scarce and the 1990s are going to test even the most supportive administrations to meet urgent demands for library extensions and preservation/substitution programmes , neither of which has been an established part of institutional budget planning , nor likely to receive much more than sympathy from the funding councils , except perhaps in cases where enormous growth in student numbers have caused such pressures on space .
6 Stafford 's Sutherland estates produced an annual income of £16,000 , but this was not enough .
7 Onions , left to go to seed , displayed magnificent fluffy heads , and a host of chirruping birds fluttered excitedly about the varied riches of the wilderness .
8 Training : Tax relief will be given to employers helping employees leaving their company to set up on their own .
9 Yet Erhard 's honest , calm , and fair-minded character reflected a lack of political acumen and an inability to wield authority which won him the nickname of ‘ the Rubber Lion ’ .
10 But by then he had already come to doubt whether Parliament shared the commitment he felt , with Harrison , to the kingdom of Christ on earth .
11 The clerk argued that it was not a " competent application " .
12 Sir Colin flies back to England later this week to try to sort out the storm over the Pakistanis .
13 At point B workers have been pushed off their labour supply function but employers remain on their labour demand function , albeit at a different point .
14 The answers have still to be provided , but six months on Mota and her coach/boyfriend Joś Pedrosa sit happily in their holiday home just outside Oporto and chuckle at the thought that her racing career is in crisis .
15 No do n't play trampolines sit down please now !
16 After another term , I was given more art , and my class-room became an unofficial art room , much to the distress of the caretaker , who accused me of having the dirtiest class-room in the school !
17 These guys do anything , you know , U turns in the middle of anywhere , they , they can do it , you ca n't .
18 I 'd be very interested to know er in terms of U turns which I 'll come back to , how he 's going to deal with the next item on the agenda er , whereby the Liberal Democrats have been consistent about their policy in general with a lot of obstruction and being caused problems and how Mr will agree in this chamber to actually close some people 's homes , old people 's homes
19 You might expect Ashley Newton to agree with Clarke .
20 It has been argued that British membership of the EEC imposes a legal not simply a political limitation on Parliament .
21 His coat and waistcoat swiftly followed it and his fingers ripped away the neckcloth about his throat , heedless of the ruin they effected .
22 In my experience the most effective way to resist his attempts to snag you is to heave at him with as much side-strain as your tackle strength will allow .
23 One general index calculated from death and population information is the crude death rate .
24 The compartments were referred to by the ordinal numbers from 1 ( apex ) to 5 ( base ) and the labelling index calculated for each compartment .
25 ‘ We have a real chance in the lifetime of the next parliament to see an end to the hunting of live animals with dogs for fun . ’
26 ‘ I will want Parliament to see the report the Government has got .
27 The wording is very clear and in view of the dicta in the Vestey decision and the major shift in the approach to be adopted to that section — restricting the same to the settlor and his spouse and taking into account the provisions of TA 1988 , s740 — it is felt that the Revenue will have to concede this point unless they change the law ( in which case one would have to watch very carefully what was said in Parliament to see how the change is to have effect ! ) .
28 The father was on for the whole of the second act of The Hooded Owl , and never had that part of the play passed as slowly as it did that evening .
29 He said the standard return fare between York and London would rise from £84 to £117.60 as private operators sought a 20pc profit on their investment .
30 Kitchen Make Design Price Shop Donor Colour
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