Example sentences of "[noun] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Once a fair settlement figure has been ascertained a letter of settlement should be sent to the Claimant explaining the computation , indicating our intention to draw and send the payment cheque immediately .
2 This change of practice applies to settlement income for 1981 – 82 et seq .
3 Core workers at Bhilai have regular employment , but for those on the periphery and in support industries , the work is casual , dangerous and ill-paid : factories , where women are locked in for the night ; opencast iron-ore mines where workers ' deaths by rock-falls are concealed by unscrupulous owners .
4 On Nov. 16 Reuters news agency reported fierce fighting between the NPFL and the rival Sierra Leone-based United Liberation Movement ( ULIMO ) near the Bong iron-ore mines 85 km north-east of Monrovia .
5 During the talks Mubarak became the first Arab leader to accept the US suggestion that the Arab countries should drop their economic boycott of Israel in return for an Israeli freeze on its settlement activities .
6 In a statement from Tunis on Aug. 2 , the PLO issued a set of guarantees and conditions of its own , including implementation of UN Security Council resolutions 242 ( November 1967 ) and 338 ( October 1973 ) , recognition of the legitimate and national rights of the Palestinian people , Palestinian participation at the conference in accordance with the decision of the PLO , the rejection of the exclusion of Jerusalem as an issue during any one of the peace process stages , and an immediate halt to settlement activities .
7 Twenty-two year old Gerald Bagshall from Barton Village Road in Oxford has been jailed for two years for possession and supply of drugs .
8 The wilder ones were rampant about black magic , the gruesome style of the mutilations , of kinky sex videos starring Polanski and his wife found at the house , and of the deep drug involvements of three of the victims .
9 He takes his Malcolm Wilson prepared Ford Sapphire Cosworth 4x4 to Scotland where he faces tough opposition , notably from Murray Grierson in a Metro 6R4 .
10 Managers also receive a removal grant of £1290 and other staff receive £1135 .
11 The DHSS were playing me up over the removal grant , so one of my sons went up to the house to see if there were any letters — everything had been smashed , crocks were smashed and the beds were slashed .
12 Talking in small groups about anything without the supervising presence of a teacher is educational because it is heuristic : it helps children to set up possibilities , and to knock them down , and to set up new ones .
13 Alresford 's recently formed rugby club , who have successfully completed their inaugural season using facilities at Perin 's School , have asked the parish council to consider creating a rugby pitch at Arlebury Park .
14 The tennis courts at Arlebury Park are to be resurfaced shortly , and the football pitches at both Arlebury and Stratton Bates continue to be well used and are an ongoing maintenance expense .
15 The carnival will take place on Sunday , June 7th starting with the procession from Broad Street to Arlebury Park at 1.30 p.m .
16 In this case ideology would simply be a way of loading the dice in one 's own favour and hence since the ground rules would obviously vary there could be no way of ever comparing two ideologies .
17 The additional presence of cAMP dependent Cl - channels and Ca 2 + dependent K + channels in this gastric cell line may provide an opportunity to study possible interactions between these two types of channel in response to a variety of acid secretory agonists .
18 Another lovely walk that the family occasionally took was to West Harnham or as it was known locally ‘ Watery Harnham ’ , a fitting nickname for there was always plenty in the rivers , streams and water meadows .
19 Mistress Philippa is not a liar . ’
20 Your father , Mistress Philippa , was a close friend and trusted ally of the court . ’
21 Mistress Philippa , tell me about your father . ’
22 Mistress Philippa tightened her mouth and Athelstan cursed ; he did not wish his interrogation to end in mocking laughter .
23 Though , ’ he smiled at the girl , ‘ Mistress Philippa and Geoffrey had best stay together .
24 Virtually everyone we questioned , including Mistress Philippa , who may be plump but is very light on her feet , young and agile , could have climbed that tower . ’
25 Did Philippa and her lover see Sir Ralph as an obstacle to their marriage or to Mistress Philippa 's inheritance ? ’
26 ‘ Oh , Mistress Philippa had invited us all for supper in Beauchamp Tower . ’
27 I 'd just returned to Mistress Philippa 's when the bell began to sound . ’
28 ‘ Master Lieutenant , I would be grateful if you could gather everyone in Mistress Philippa 's chamber .
29 A guard ushered them into the Beauchamp Tower and up into Mistress Philippa 's chamber on the second floor .
30 Mistress Philippa rose as they entered .
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