Example sentences of "the [noun sg] of [noun] whereby the " in BNC.

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1 The thrust of the ensuing analysis will be the attempt to disclose the process of mediation whereby the political and ideological history of a given period is produced and reproduced in three consecutive texts .
2 The very order implies understanding of the process of redemption whereby the Incarnation and Passion transform the lex talionis ( the law of retaliation ) of the Old Testament with the grace and love which are the means of recycling the waste products of sin .
3 This plan is based on the concept of subsidiarity whereby the EC would only become involved when the national policies of the member states were ineffective , or harmful to other member states .
4 Thus a hire-purchase agreement is an agreement for the bailment of goods whereby the bailee has an option to purchase them .
5 But we can surely reconstruct the pattern of events whereby the lectures did become the basis of the book that in fact materialized .
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