Example sentences of "keep an eye on [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 And keep an eye on young Müller . ’
2 Both participants can make changes and annotate files with handwritten notes as they keep an eye on each other in the video window .
3 I was recommended to go to this lady who 's Irish and then she 's gone back , , and I 've never , I mean , the examination was quick and painless he said , but just keep an eye on that double on there , erm , there 's a little tiny crack in it
4 Keep an eye on self-seeded plants as they can show interesting colour variations .
5 Keep an eye on this lot and shout if anything weird pops up . ’
6 keep an eye on sniffable products in the home .
7 And turning to his colleague he said , ‘ Charley , keep an eye on these buggers while I nip round to the station . ’
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