Example sentences of "can be ascribed to [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 The rapidly deteriorating relationship which has developed between the Polytechnic of Central London ( PCL ) and the Inner London Education Authority ( ILEA ) in recent years can be ascribed to similar factors .
2 Such individuals , because of their active interests and state of mind , do tend to live longer than those who are not so active and aware , but whether this can be ascribed to homoeopathic treatment or whether it is a spin-off of their state of mind is a moot point .
3 Only one in 12 instances of poor quality can be ascribed to insufficient effort by the practitioner .
4 In the pre-Hellenistic sections of the Bible there is no notion that can be ascribed to Greek influence : indeed there is no certain Greek word .
5 Over half the issues of British public libraries can be ascribed to recreational reading , although — as will be seen — public libraries are rarely arranged to suit the recreational approach .
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