Example sentences of "throw [adv prt] all over [art] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Laura , you let me throw up all over the alley , all over Bill 's cab .
2 ‘ If I have to watch you any longer I 'll throw up all over the table . ’
3 So I go back and I 'm standing in the doorway , and there 's this kid on the bed and he 's thrown up all over the cover and now he 's starting to shake .
4 Very bumpy , with small wheels you get thrown around all over the place
5 Lasting impressions so far : the sun ( miraculously ) shining on the slopes of Dalwhinnie , far in the north , on the first leg of the journey ; stumbling across Drew from the World Cup holiday in a motorway café somewhere in England in the middle of the night ; breakfast and mineral water with Claire ( oh , it was good to see her ) in an Italian cafe near London Victoria ; people throwing up all over the joint on the Seacat crossing to Boulogne ( and me staggering about , legs way out of control , on the deck , getting soaked by the spray , saltwater taste in the mouth , and a rainbow arcing on top of the water behind the catamaran ) ; complaining English and American tourist ( ‘ It 's ridiculous that we have to go through customs — why do we have to go through customs anyway ? … ) ; terrible fatigue on the train to Paris , and temperamental French men shouting and swearing at each other in the aisle ; relief at finding Angela 's flat in Paris ; difficult negotiation of the very narrow stairwell , finally finding her way at the top on the 6th floor ; food , and wine , and a shower , and a bed-settee for the night ; Japanese tourists at Notre Dame , and a man announcing his state of poverty and homelessness on the Métro — ‘ ‘ .
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