Example sentences of "crop [adv] from time to time " in BNC.

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1 Until some genius does so , controversies like the one which surrounded this year 's Mildmay Course at Aintree , are bound to crop up from time to time .
2 They ought to have been eliminated by now , or is there a mutation that continues to crop up from time to time ?
3 Other sorts of dates do , however , crop up from time to time , namely the regnal year of a particular ruler , such as one of the Ptolemaic kings of Egypt .
4 However , business lunches may crop up from time to time — and also evening invitations which involve dining at restaurants .
5 Finally , he makes considerable use of ‘ natural experiments ’ , the sociological , or in this case literary , device , of studying those natural contrasts which crop up from time to time .
6 This sally produced a blustering but largely inarticulate monologue from which the words ‘ MP ’ , ‘ head of Scotland Yard ’ , ‘ no respect ’ , ‘ outrageous ’ , ‘ appalling ’ , ‘ risked my life in the service of my king ’ and ‘ do n't know what the world 's coming to ’ , cropped up from time to time .
7 Feasts are going to be cropping up from time to time as we move through the year , so it may be as well to explain that the word signifies , in Yorkshire , the yearly festival of the village or town .
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