Example sentences of "scatter [adv] [prep] [art] [noun] [conj] " in BNC.

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1 They may be scattered randomly throughout the sarcoplasm or arranged between fibrils opposite the Z-disks ; in the flight-muscles of the Odonata they form large slab-like structures and in the powerful fibrillar indirect flight-muscles of Hymenoptera and Diptera the giant mitochondria form conspicuous " sarcosomes " .
2 The most that could be offered would be autonomous areas within regional self-government ‘ towards which members of the respective nationalities , scattered all over the country or even all over the world , would gravitate and with which they could enter into relations and free associations ’ — some measure of accommodation to Bauerism .
3 and they did n't want to be scattered all over the earth so they built this er , he wanted to make , to make a name for themselves did n't they ?
4 The Soviet statistics were terribly messy and scattered all over the place but Davies and Barker finally succeeded in teasing them out and knocking them into some sort of shape .
5 But even when there were teams of twenty or thirty workmen ‘ tripping over each other ’ , as Laura told a friend , with beds scattered all over the place and no curtains , ‘ it still has a very romantic atmosphere ’ .
6 The teaching faculties and administrative offices are scattered all over the city but , forming a wonderful backdrop to King 's Parade , stands the Senate House .
7 And that means fiddly switches scattered haphazardly across the dash and centre console like bits of shot fired from a blunderbuss .
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