Example sentences of "assumed to [be] [adj] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Your salary is £8,250 exclusive of live-in benefits , which may be assumed to be equivalent to a further 20 per cent .
2 It would be unduly optimistic to assume that management skills have risen to a level such that costs undertaken can be assumed to be equivalent to value .
3 If α f is assumed to be equivalent to , this value compares well with the average value of determined for 18 polymers covering a wide range of T g .
4 The uptake of 5-ASA must therefore be assumed to be equivalent to the production of Ac-ASA over time .
5 It would have been impossible to predict the way events developed after October 1917 , and the policy of the Party seemed on numerous grounds to be the most sensible , the only one which went some way to reconciling the need for large economic units ( which , rightly or wrongly , was assumed to be decisive for material progress ) and for democracy , understood as the right of peoples to choose their own State .
6 Stylistic categories are more complex phenomena which are often difficult to define , but which are assumed to be describable in terms of linguistic categories , although they are not a necessary part of the description of a language .
7 As Eyre ( 1987 ) reports , there is considerable variation of opinion relating to rates of deforestation ; FAO ( 1985 ) , for example , quote a figure of 3.0 per cent per year which is assumed to be due to commercial logging .
8 These strains are prone to wasting away , which has been assumed to be due to constitutional weakness .
9 This type of deformation causes no dilatation and so the observed effects may be assumed to be due to one causes only — structural rearrangements which do not cause a change of volume .
10 All suggestions are given in good faith and for general help and guidance but since detail may vary with different roofs they can not be assumed to be suitable for every application .
11 The Namurian , Millstone Grit sediments have not been penetrated in any well in the area but are assumed to be present on the basis of the stratigraphic relationships deduced from seismic data .
12 When a sender judges her receiver 's schema to correspond to a significant degree with her own , she need only mention features which are not contained in it ( the time of getting up and what she had for breakfast , for example ) ; other features ( like getting out of bed and getting dressed ) will be assumed to be present by default , unless we are told otherwise .
13 N-terminal lysine residues were assumed to be present in lysylendopeptidase digests because of the high specificity of this enzyme .
14 Investment expenditure I is also assumed to be exogenous in our model , with factors such as business confidence and the expectations of entrepreneurs being considered more important determinants of the level of investment than the current level of income .
15 The value of exports is assumed to be determined by factors outside the domestic circular flow and so is assumed to be exogenous in our model .
16 Alternatively , the outcomes are assumed to be indicative of the quality of the educational process .
17 The uptake of 5-ASA by the intact cells has to be assumed to be equal to the amount of Ac-ASA produced and detected both extracellularly and intracellularly .
18 The proper field of women psychologists is often assumed to be far from the heights of psychological theory .
19 They were never importunate , never servile ; they never tried to lure Europeans into the kind of patron-client relationship which is often assumed to be vital to the functioning of the colonial psyche but which many Englishmen in fact found more annoying than gratifying .
20 Similarly , the payment schedule has been assumed to be independent of efficiency , but incentive schemes can be introduced where there are observable measures of output .
21 We submit that even scores such as the Glasgow coma scale and the Apgar score , which are assumed to be independent of medical management , may , in fact , be susceptible to a similar effect to that demonstrated with APACHE scoring .
22 Subroutines are usually written to be " transparent " to the calling routine ; that is , the processor registers such as accumulators and condition codes can be assumed to be unaltered by the subroutine call , unless they are explicitly part of the subroutine linkage .
23 In these models , only union members are assumed to be eligible for employment in the union sector ( for interesting surveys see Oswald , 1985 ; Pencavel , 1985 ; Farber , 1986 ; Ulph and Ulph , 1990 ) .
24 Other analysts criticized him for being both too political and unscientific — science being assumed to be apolitical in principle .
25 The compressibility of the solvent is equal to the molar volume of the solvent in solution , V 1 , and can be assumed to be unchanged over a small range of pressures , thus giving
26 These ‘ leaders ’ may be assumed to be aware of each other 's power and reliably to report it .
27 Machismo is neutered by being assumed to be synonymous with stupidity and tedium .
28 As well as being able to make chargeable transfers and exempt transfers , under IHTA 1984 , s3(3A) a taxpayer may also make a potentially exempt transfer which is broadly a transfer which is assumed to be exempt from inheritance tax at the time of the gift but which may ultimately end up being a chargeable transfer because the donor does not survive the making of the gift by seven years .
29 The concept , now referred to as ‘ universal precautions , ’ stresses that all patients should be assumed to be infectious for HIV , HBV , and other blood-borne pathogens .
30 Ancestral origins from different geographical regions , however , are still assumed to be important in understanding pupil needs .
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