Example sentences of "might be said to be " in BNC.

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1 The constructivist starting-point could not be more different , and might be said to be ‘ biological ’ where the representational theory is ‘ engineering ’ — or ‘ machinological ’ .
2 ( Stimulus A of fig. 5.10 might be said to be enriched , if only a little , by virtue of its ability to evoke the image of X. ) The differentiation theory , in contrast , holds that ‘ percepts change over time by progressive elaboration of qualities , features and dimensions of variation ’ ( Gibson and Gibson 1955 , p. 34 ) , that is , by an elaboration of aspects of the stimulus that are present in it from the outset .
3 The first might be said to be context- and task-independent : we can understand what a sequence of symbols is meant to represent , without understanding the context within which those symbols might be put to use .
4 So is the cold war giant , at least in the sense that a mighty military machine with no visible threat to its well-being might be said to be dead .
5 On the grounds of its ancient lineage and apparently perennial vigour , the ‘ grand survivor ’ of all general theories might be said to be elite theory .
6 One person on his own could not constitute a procession , but if a person were to march on his own , having publicised the fact widely in advance , it would seem that he might be said to be organising a procession if , Pied Piper like , he were to draw a crowd of supporters and followers .
7 Thus each group of accounts might be said to be objective but they are not comparable .
8 The general rule with regard to these provisions might be said to be that the settlor will not avoid tax on the income which arises from the capital which he has settled unless he and his wife are excluded from all possible benefit .
9 A deictic element is not a term as such , but some part of the utterance which might be said to be deictic .
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