Example sentences of "over such a long period " in BNC.

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1 Inevitably , over such a long period , I became less institutionalized , more able to function as an individual in relation to belief and action and not merely accept the organization 's definition of things ; and this is a profoundly un-police like state of affairs !
2 But the broad package of interventions and centralization over such a long period of time surely outstrips that carried out by any previous government .
3 Added to his faithful representation was his own flavour of the area which no one else has been able to maintain over such a long period .
4 If it seems odd to devote a chapter to one book , however important and significant , it must be appreciated that numerically it is by far the most commonly found book and one which has been published over such a long period that the collector will see it more frequently than any other .
5 As the ITVA 's rules on comparative whiteness claims in detergent ads have tightened , the ( by now ) several Persil products have not always been able to use this theme , but its development over such a long period was an astonishing piece of consistency by client management and virtuosity by the agency .
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