Example sentences of "over a long period [verb] " in BNC.

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1 It said that its study had not discovered any conclusive evidence on the damage done to humans by low-level exposure , but it stated that the lack of information and knowledge of the effects of exposure to low doses of the chemicals over a long period had led the working party to adopt the precautionary principle that absence of evidence was not evidence of absence .
2 Any parent who has had an insomniac or hyperactive child will know the situation in which interruption of sleep over a long period frays tempers and seeks some other scapegoat than the child ; husband and wife may end in screaming at each other across the bedroom .
3 In the short term , nitrogenous fertilizers , by increasing grasses and clovers , can result in an increase in the earthworm population , but continuous use of superphosphate or Nitro-chalk over a long period has been shown , in trials at Rothamstead , to reduce numbers in proportion to the amount of nitrogen applied .
4 The charge that higher education has over a longer period contributed to an anti-industrial ethos among the educated classes in Britain has been laid by Wiener ( 1981 ) and countered in different ways by Sanderson ( 1972 ) who points to manifold examples of involvement with industry , and Shattock ( 1987 ) who tends to lay the blame elsewhere , at the door of government and industry itself .
5 The explanation seems to be that consecutive measurements have been found to be very consistent , whatever variation exists manifests itself over a longer period corresponding to several averaged measurements .
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