Example sentences of "over a [adv] long period " in BNC.

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1 It has proved extremely difficult , too , to find significant changes in attitudes in many markets except over a rather long period — which does not disprove the theory , but suggests either that advertising does not work very fast , which no one wishes to admit , or that attitudes are not the whole of the story .
2 When you spread work like this over a very long period you are able to look into yourself , and see yourself in a great work of art .
3 The fact that it is very difficult to do does n't prevent a lot of people wishing to achieve it , but it is very seldom that , in the industrial world , anybody has achieved and held continuously a pre-eminent position over a very long period of time .
4 Investigations into the activities of this particular gang had been carried out over a very long period and they had been kept under constant surveillance by our officers who were thus able to feed us all the necessary information towards a successful interception .
5 In particular , the transition to democracy has seen a condensed and accelerated process of institutionalization of industrial relations , and of accompanying political exchange between the labour movement , employers and the state that would normally only be observable over a far longer period .
6 In RENFE since 1976 and in BR over a far longer period , a wide range of agreements have been reached through the machinery , giving the unions influence over the determination of virtually all aspects of conditions of employment and work organization .
7 Fussler and Simon , in Patterns in the use of books in large research libraries , affirmed that ‘ past use over a sufficiently long period is an excellent and by far the best predictor of future use ’ , although they observed , ‘ the confidence limits of prediction vary significantly from one subject to another ’ .
8 Incidentally , Dubhe and Alkaid are moving across the sky in a direction opposite to that of the remaining five stars , so that over a sufficiently long period the Plough will lose its familiar shape .
9 The corrosion emanated from the joint between the bottom of the pressure dome and the fuselage and there was nicotine tar staining on the edge of the corroded area indicating that it had developed over a relatively long period .
10 This was particularly the case with patients who had been given methadone reduction over a relatively long period of time , say two to three months .
11 ( Monday to Friday ) , giving a taste of the kind of stamina that will ultimately be required over a much longer period .
12 With press media , it is possible to spread the same money over a much longer period , especially if monthly magazines are used , since monthlies accumulate their readership of as many as 10 or 11 readers per copy over quite a long period .
13 This of course was not the main part of the work , but a pilot study used to test and refine some hypotheses about the wider sociolinguistic situation , which was then investigated more fully over a much longer period of time .
14 In so doing the newcomers have contributed to the sense of urban encroachment on rural political affairs among farmers and landowners which goes back over a much longer period , and which has been associated with changes in the institutions of political control in the countryside : the gradual decline in the personalized and autocratic power of the locally resident squirearchy and the transfer of public administration to a more formal and impersonal framework of local government since local politics were first placed on a democratic footing in 1888 .
15 The circular changed and allowed that joint finance money to be paid over a much longer period and virtually in perpetuity .
16 These were ‘ asymmetrical cyclical troughs ’ because recovery of output was spread over a much longer period than its initial loss , and because many factories closed for good in the second recession .
17 When the additional money is spent on training nurses , it is important that every effort be made to retain their services over a much longer period , which may involve making the terms and conditions more flexible for women returning to work .
18 I would love to talk to you over a much longer period , but I 'm afraid that 's all that we have time for today .
19 But you know we have to look beyond the first year or two , we have to look at what 's going to happen to that school over a much longer period of time , and quite frankly erm I would feel safer with erm what was called the big brother of the Local Authority .
20 Moreover , a secretary attached to a legation or an embassy and not to an individual minister or ambassador , and remaining at his post over a fairly long period , could become a valuable source of information about local conditions : this might be of great help to a new head of mission coming to a strange country of which he knew little .
21 What we try to do is to make available to people opportunities for study in depth and over a fairly long period of time , on issues and in subjects which are part of University activity .
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