Example sentences of "may be said [prep] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 This being said , and allowing for the fact that much which was viewed as sexually deviant a generation ago is now viewed tolerantly if not taken for granted , a few words may be said about some practices or groups of practices which are generally recognised as deviant from either the normal object , the normal aim or the normal focal issues of sexuality .
2 Seisin is a root of title , and it may be said without undue exaggeration that so far as land is concerned there is in England no law of ownership , but only a law of possession .
3 And what is said of the resurrection may be said of other miracles .
4 It may be said of many palaeontologists , as Professor Hugh Trevor-Roper said recently of 18th century historians : " Their most serious error was to measure the past by the present " .
5 And the same may be said of most other merely moral duties .
6 Still , some things may be said with reasonable assurance .
7 Both counsel and judges follow the punctilios of court procedure and conduct , and a few words may be said on these .
8 It may be said in general that the designer of a superconducting circuit needs to worry about the response time and energy of superconducting electrons .
9 That is to say they believe that God was in some sense differently related to particular events , or may be said in particular to have revealed God 's self through those events , in a way in which this is not true of all other events or periods in history .
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