Example sentences of "'ve been talking to [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 You 've been talking to her !
2 You 've been talking to him , have n't you ?
3 What k what kind what 's changed in the short time are the things Wh when I 've been talking to them about the publicity you said that , The last few years there 's there has been
4 Richard Lewis , oh yes Sir , er , yes Sir , I 've just seen the figures , I 've been talking to them about it , oh yes , I 've told them exactly what 's wrong , but they do n't seem able to well yes Sir , I know it 's not good enough , but what can you do if you 've got idiots working for yo , what 's that , oh no Sir , I 'm not asking you , what , hello .
5 I 've been talking to you myself , you know ? ’
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