Example sentences of "'ve be talking [prep] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 We 've been talking about somebody having affairs .
2 ‘ We came here ’ , Miss Honey said , ‘ to talk about you and I 've been talking about nothing but myself the whole time .
3 But I do n't think it really ever I mean there were quite a lot of initiatives like that you know of people thinking of different ways really of of sticking together to combat er you know what I 've been talking about which was smashing unionism and er forcing lower wages really onto the the already low paid , which er really seems to be what Thatcher 's all about you know in order to er curb inflation and create a very divided society where er half the population seem to have to live either on the dole or in in poverty really in in derelict bits of Britain .
4 We 've been talking about them as facilitators and the need for compatibility , I think there 's also a need for every system to have a back-up of some kind , either of power or maybe a manual back-up , which in fact we were talking about the other evening .
5 Well I suppose i it means that you know the difference between right and wrong cos we 've only been We 've been talking about it further up have n't we ?
6 But we 've been talking about it for three four months .
7 You know what I think er , th we 've been talking about it round about and I says , you know , they were wondering if it was a bit suspic , I said no , th , they worry to death , there 's our children who speaking like the nig-nogs !
8 For some time it seems I 've been talking to myself .
9 You 've been talking to her !
10 You 've been talking to him , have n't you ?
11 What k what kind what 's changed in the short time are the things Wh when I 've been talking to them about the publicity you said that , The last few years there 's there has been
12 Richard Lewis , oh yes Sir , er , yes Sir , I 've just seen the figures , I 've been talking to them about it , oh yes , I 've told them exactly what 's wrong , but they do n't seem able to well yes Sir , I know it 's not good enough , but what can you do if you 've got idiots working for yo , what 's that , oh no Sir , I 'm not asking you , what , hello .
13 ‘ You 've been talking to someone . ’
14 I 've been talking to you myself , you know ? ’
15 ‘ You 've been talking to my wife .
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