Example sentences of "may [be] shown to be " in BNC.

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1 As Stocking has shown , an innovation may be shown to be effective but not adopted widely , whereas another innovation may not have been demonstrated to be effective yet can become widely accepted in practice .
2 The danger consists in imagining some essence of Christianity , for example , that , because it may be shown to be immune to scientific criticism today , is assumed always to have existed and therefore , properly understood , is always impervious to criticism .
3 Using the condition , the denominator may be shown to be proportional to , which in steady state is strictly positive for .
4 We have already seen that depressive or manic responses may be shown to be related to the problem of the son 's relation to the mother and his contradictory desire to be devoted to her as the ideal mother of hunter-gatherer prehistory and yet to be free of her as the phallic , dominant mother of primal agriculture .
5 With a little effort , the transfer function between its input and load resistance R may be shown to be Thus it performs as a third-order Butterworth filter when
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