Example sentences of "could be said [prep] [be] " in BNC.

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1 Neither of these books , however , could be said to be intent on revenge .
2 If BA can resell $300m of its United investment — ideally to US citizens - then its remaining equity share could be said to be only 21 per cent , airline officials in New York argue .
3 That is to say , Tolkien 's stories could be said to be an embodiment of that Northernness with which Lewis and Greeves had been in love since early adolescence .
4 I wish it could be said to be a gain to the Faculty of Theology . ’
5 Whereas Hitchcock 's last British film , the pre-war Jamaica Inn ( 1939 ) , could be said to be dealing with a similar area of subject matter to , say , Hatter 's Castle ( 1941 ) , the emotional level struck by the latter is a world away from the former .
6 Neither she nor Ladislav could be said to be well-off .
7 The attitude towards science in the Eagle could be said to be typical of UK comics generally .
8 Therefore Judaism and Islam could be said to be in one sense polytheistic and in one sense monotheistic .
9 The concept of parental rights in education could be said to be concerned with the ability of parents to extend the control they are able to exert within the family to their child 's formal education , thus protecting their ‘ interest ’ in the child .
10 Indeed , contour ploughing , contour brushwood planting , and ditch-and-bund constructions could be said to be types of terrace .
11 It could be said to be retrogressive — a return ( retreat ? ) to narrow Victorian child-rearing values — to be writing guidelines on how to encourage obedience and overcome disobedience in the late 1980s .
12 As parts of a whole Universe we could be said to be responsible for everything , for we are an active part of an active creation .
13 But for its lack of references , which surely are essential for the chapters on spectroscopy , the book that could be said to be the best is Ralph and Joan Fessenden 's Organic Chemistry ( Willard Grant , 2nd ed ) .
14 Only Richard Elliott , Headmaster of the Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb at Margate , and the Reverend William Stainer , chairman of the London Schools Board Classes for the Deaf , could be said to be representative of the dominant system of education then prevailing in British schools .
15 All in all , the technology could be said to be qualitatively transforming the threat to privacy which information systems , even manually sorted card indexes , have always posed .
16 As a research project , it could be said to be one of the ‘ old-fashioned ’ kind ; it had to be done on a shoestring .
17 In other words , the undersurface curves upwards as it approaches the trailing edge.In fact this is so prominent in the Flexifoil that the section could be said to be upside down !
18 To that extent , the oil sector , that makes up around 8% of the stockmarket 's capitalisation , could be said to be 100% dollar sensitive .
19 By causing a subsidiary to issue preference shares to a bank , the group could be said to be ‘ window dressing ’ .
20 The borderline between ritual and custom is a little blurred ; custom could be said to be a form of ritual that has lost many of its magical or religious overtones , but still retains some of the original intent to transform .
21 If the ‘ qualified driver ’ does not do what can be reasonably expected of him regarding these duties the learner could be said to be not under supervision .
22 There are many alternative implementations of trie memory , in fact the 26-way tree just described could be said to be a type of trie .
23 That is , in the subject of proposition 55 ‘ thought ’ is opposed to ‘ reality ’ almost as if a language game as a whole could be said to be justified by something outside it .
24 To use the argument brought forward against the related speculation of Block ( i.e. about the tiny homunculi ) , one might at the very least want to deny that the higher and lower consciousnesses could , in any sense , be the same consciousnesses , whether or not they could be said to be in a physical part — whole relationship .
25 One of the best known of all British sociological studies , Young and Willmott 's Family and Kinship in East London ( 1957 ) , could be said to be a community study , though it has a specific focus and is based mainly , though not entirely , on data collected through a social survey .
26 In at least one case , Afghanistan , the regime could be said to be fully subordinate to Moscow .
27 Merleau-Ponty , on the other hand , arguing that only one Marxism , Stalinism , could be said to be the product of actual history , rejected any possibility of trying to define a new , more genuine Marxism as the return-to-Marxists tried to do .
28 Although both could be said to be reacting against the ossification of Stalinism , the subjectivist and ultra-objectivist paths that they followed were antithetical .
29 In this way Foucault could be said to be returning to Marx in removing the subject from the centre of history , were it not for the fact that he dispenses with the consolations of Marx 's historicism also .
30 The illustration of such a double logic working at a textual level often comes to seem remarkably close to a deconstructive analysis : in the same way as Derrida or de Man could be said to be deconstructing received readings that have institutional purchase , so the new historicists shift our understanding of institutionalized historical accounts .
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