Example sentences of "just [be] talking [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 When you and Chantal arrived at that accommodation agency I had just been talking to the proprietor .
2 I 'd just been talking to the guard , twelve hour shifts , sixty hours a week and he ca n't even have any time off for tea breaks or meal breaks .
3 But I 've just been talking to the head there and he said you know that you know the tor tutorial programme , Mrs started it all erm
4 You may have to say , Well I 've just been talking to the estate agent about this and er you know on a number occasions he 's sent people along to you er may be you did n't realize that was happening .
5 Now there are occasionally criticisms from members that there is too much concentration on the elite end of sport in the Sports Federation in this instance the R Y A but what is important about the is an effort to produce a very high standard as a finished product so to speak to go to the Olympics but it also helps to concentrate minds on the bit that is missing before and help to recycle everybody 's concentration into the training area and Rod has just been talking about the year of youth and of course it follows on very naturally in a post- olympic year to launch that year of youth .
6 On our side it 's , you know , do n't believe everything , anything , sorry not everything but anything you read in the papers , and yet , at the same time , every national newspaper on a Saturday night at about eleven-thirty gets a phone , series of phone-calls all saying , ‘ Please settle this argument for us we just been talking about the winner of the F A Cup Final in nineteen forty-three ’ or something , and that , you know , and , so we 've got the public out there saying ‘ Do n't believe what you read in the newspapers ’ yet , ‘ Settle our arguments . ’
7 So you could not just be talking about the first premium .
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