Example sentences of "been saying for some time " in BNC.

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1 In his paper , Beveridge repeated what he had been saying for some time , namely , that there was no general breakdown of the labour-market , instead there was an overstocking of individual trades which was due to ‘ inadequate labour information and local hindrances to labour mobility ’ .
2 ‘ It only proves what I have been saying for some time that this was nothing more than an arranged marriage .
3 Colleagues in local government have been saying for some time that the Government have said that , at some point , the revenue collection services in local authorities would be privatised and would go out to tender .
4 Well of course I 've been saying for some time now , for some time , and I want to underline that , and I hope the government are listening that we 've had twenty thousand troops on our streets , we 've twelve thousand armed policemen on our streets , we have the strictest security laws in Western Europe , and none of these things have solved our problem .
5 I think I 'm making my point , I have been saying for some time now that given the fact that all that security has n't produced the results , the logic of that is dialogue , and when I see the opportunity as I saw it , of dialogue , direct dialogue with Mr Addams that could lead to a total cessation of this violence , I felt it was my duty to do so .
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