Example sentences of "been [verb] [prep] [adj] march " in BNC.

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1 This meeting has now been arranged for 11th March at which a number of matters that have also been brought up at the various members ' meetings will be queried .
2 Although the disagreements had been resolved in early March , continuing dissatisfaction in some quarters of the FKgP had been highlighted by the passage on March 18 of a vote of no confidence in FKgP parliamentary group leader Jozsef Torgyan , because of a speech he had made at a rally on March 9 attacking the voucher scheme .
3 No part of it had been exercised at 31st March 1991 .
4 Spring passage or arrival in recent years has been noted between 21 March ( 1973 ) and 22 May , but , in ‘ Quail years ’ , arrival possibly continues well into June .
5 As my son had been born on 5 March of that year , we talked at first about children , and he observed somewhat wistfully that the experience of having children must , despite all its responsibilities , be a unique sort of pleasure .
6 Fate has dealt harshly with W. She is now aged 16 , having been born on 31 March 1976 .
7 We do not accept that the provisions in Schedule 5 will operate harshly or unfairly on property held on discretionary trust which has been settled since 26th March 1974 .
8 The election results had been announced on 6 March .
9 She died in her sleep at Nyack Hospital , north of New York , where she had been admitted on 9 March suffering from congestive heart failure .
10 An economic embargo had been established in late March , and in early May the government had attempted to increase the pressure by declaring a 50-mile " exclusion zone " around the island , from which all ships and aircraft would be prohibited .
11 A further Hearing of Orkney Children 's Panel had been held on 25 March to extend the orders and keep the children in care .
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