Example sentences of "been [verb] [prep] western [noun prp] " in BNC.

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1 Gould had arranged to rendezvous with Gilbert in Sydney before leaving for England , but so eager was he to set sail with his precious cargo that when it seemed Gilbert might have been delayed in Western Australia , he left without seeing him .
2 Of course the influence of Buchanan has not been confined to Western Europe .
3 Around 500,000 hectares of forest are said to have been destroyed , and fires have also been reported in western Java and south Sulawesi .
4 The market economy which had been exported by western Europe was now worldwide .
5 Empirical Socialism may be supposed to have judged that that point had been reached in western Europe by the 1960s .
6 Since 1986 over three million tons of toxic waste have been shipped from Western Europe and North America to other countries .
7 Although negotiations on arms reductions were about to resume in Geneva when Gorbachev assumed the general secretaryship , Cruise and Pershing-II weapons had already been deployed in Western Europe following the NATO ‘ dual track ’ decision of 1979 ( this was itself represented as a response to the Soviet decision to replace its ageing SS-4 and -5 missiles in Eastern Europe with more modern SS-20s ) .
8 It was also implied that these illegal forces had been deployed in western Kenya where they were being used to foment ethnic violence [ see p. 38854 ] .
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