Example sentences of "were [adv] assumed to be " in BNC.

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1 Women were normally assumed to be dependent members of a family unit : daughters living at home before marriage ; wives of employed husbands ; or if unmarried , sheltered by parents or siblings .
2 Max Jacob and Modigliani were always assumed to be good friends ; they had a great deal in common .
3 All of these problems , falling within the sphere of legitimate unrest , could be dealt with , he believed , by intelligent and sympathetic administrators — were indeed assumed to be , though he did not explicitly say so , their bread and butter : he himself had dealt superlatively with the Punjab rent agitations of 1931 .
4 ( During the late nineteenth century , single pregnant women were sometimes assumed to be insane and were confined to the workhouse under the 1890 Lunacy Act . )
5 Hamlets and farmsteads within the parishes of these villages were generally not documented before the twelfth or thirteenth centuries and were therefore assumed to be secondary or daughter settlements created as the population expanded , more land was cleared and farmed , and new settlements were needed .
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